San Diego 2001
"The Art of Digital Comics" Panelists!: Left to right: Demian 5, Tristan Farnon, Patrick Farley, Cat Garza, David Gaddis and Me.

Demian came all the way from Switzerland to join us for Saturday's "The Art of Digital Comics." The five artists showed their amazing work to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. It was my favorite panel of any that I've ever been involved in (and that's a long list!)

Also joining us before and after the event were comics scholar Shweta Narayan (far left), Heidi De Vries (with Patrick), Kate Osborne (with Tristan) and Ivy and our girls, Sky and Winter (with me). A special thanks to all our loved ones who put up with a ton of last minute labor pains, including lost hotel reservations, car trouble, and late night hordes of laptop weilding geeks! Your grace under pressure did not go unnoticed.

Love to all,