Mark Crilley of Akiko fame was in town this week. Here's a shot from the Spaghetti Factory on Sunset Blvd last night where Mark got to have dinner with his most ardent fans, Carol Pond and her family, who also happen to be old friends of ours (Ivy has known Carol for over 20 years). The photo shows Mark flanked by Andy and Sally and the (partially-obscured-but-that's-okay-cause-she's-shy) Carol. Joining Mark and Carol's clan are our own Sky (center, with signed Akiko) and dorky me in the background.

We first heard about Mark's LA tour swing when Sky's class was told they were going on a field trip to Barnes and Noble to meet a real live children's book author. Ivy recognized the name and we started conspiring to kidnap him the night before.

Catching up on the latest Akiko's, I was reminded of what an astonishingly good read those comics are. If we had just a few more comics like Akiko, Bone and Castle Waiting, maybe we wouldn't have to lose another generation of young readers.

Photo by Ivy.

March 26, 2003