The MIT Seminar - January 13-17, 2003

Couldn't get everybody together at once but here's a big chunk of the class that made my five-day class at MIT such a rewarding experience.

This being MIT, the lion's share of our students were taking the course to broaden their horizons while majoring in Computer Sciences, Engineering, A.I. and the like... This led to some in-depth and fascinating Q & A sessions and refreshingly original takes on the studio assignments. We also benefitted from several students with international roots -- the first day's autobiographical assignment was a real eye-opener!

Thank you, MIT. It was a blast.

Standing, l to r: Wally, Andreas, Solar, Matt, Ben, Blake, Sean, Clara, Mariana, Michael, Hilda and Professor Henry Jenkins (a long-standing supporter of comics at MIT, Henry was intrumental in getting me to Boston and participated in nearly every minute. Thanks, Henry!).

Seated, l to r: Yanni(s?), Kim, Nadya, Gan, Me, Susannah, Neeti (spelling?) and Alison.

(Not pictured are James, Christian, Kevin and Win.)