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The Google Chrome Comic

In early-mid 2008, I created a comic book for Google explaining the inner workings of their new open source browser Google Chrome.

Google's mailroom accidentally shipped some copies on September 1st -- about two days before the scheduled launch -- so for a little over a day, the comic was all anyone could see of the browser! It was quite a rollercoaster.

Is this a webcomic?

No. It was designed as a printed comic for journalists and bloggers. Lots of people have had fun scanning those advance printed copies and posting them however, so we've put our own, more readable version up here.

Who wrote the script?

I helped conduct interviews with about 20 engineers who worked on the project, then adapted what they said into comics form. Some paraphrasing, lots of condensation, and one or two late drop-ins, but basically it was a very organic adaptation and I had a lot of latitude.

Is the food at Google as good as they say?


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