This week's panel suggested by Douglass Barre (Age 28) with some additional dialogue by Yours Truly.

Sorry to Butt in...

This week, I added a little verbal embellishment to our winning suggestion from Mr. B. Hope you don't mind. Just thought it would be nice to address the post-Gaiman death-wish issue while still taking advantage of a certain well-placed Holiday just around the corner!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 02/07/1999


  • Carl says "Now that I'm safe, how about a nice beer?"
  • Carl says "I'll take the wheel."
  • Carl says "I have air sickness!". Carl looks extremely nausious.
  • They hit a flying squirrel. "Omigod, you hit a flying squirrel!" Carl screams.
  • Carl's head sticks out the window and he says, "Wow, I'm gonna make a haucker from up here." He brings up spit from his throat.

Josiah Rowe

    Hey-- I won! (kinda.) Well, I did say that everyone else would sugggest the same thing...

    As for the "prize", I think I'm the last person in the Western Hemisphere without a web page, which is just as well because by rights I should only mention 1/20th of one...

  • Inside of helicopter. Daisy at the controls, Carl catching his breath. Carl: "Whew! That was close! Do you have any beer in this thing, Daisy?"
  • Same setting as above. Carl gasps for breath. Daisy (doing her best Carrie Fisher voice): "It's not over yet, sweetheart."
  • Same as above. Carl: "That was INCREDIBLE! How did you DO that?" Daisy smiles modestly.
  • Same as above. Carl: "Thanks for the rescue, Daisy. Do you want a beer?" Carl offers a can to Daisy, who, of course, is flying the helicopter.
  • Exterior shot. Helicopter engine suddenly begins to sputter (SFX: PUTT-PUTT-PUTT or something like that). Balloon from helicopter: "NOW what?!"
  • Whatever Winter or Sky suggest. I particularly like "I pick plumy plum. Sky eptry."

Jesse Rimlero

    I ask the CYOC community to try this: Try not have your suggestions for the current panel anticipate panels 2 or 3 spaces away. Why you ask? This leaves a great challenge when there is but one panel between two panels of incredibly different scenes. Example: In panel "A" Carl is riding a mechanical dinosaur but in panel "B" Carl is trapped in a giant sponge. In between "A" and "B" is but one panel for some little genius to conjure up a connection. Just a suggestion. What do you think, Scott?

  • Now my suggestion: Shot of Daisy and Carl in Helicopter. Daisy is chugging a beer now, Carl shouts "Daisy!" Not a great suggestion, I have homework to do...

[I think some junctures might benefit from that kind of riddle-me-this combination, Jesse, but I wouldn't want to sway people one way or the other. Anyone else have comments on this? --Scott]

Ron Evry

  • Word balloon from the helicopter: We're being followed! Maybe some MUSIC will scare them off! Clicking on the panel will then play this attached bit o' Wagner midi....:)


[Not ready to go multimedia with Carl but an interesting idea, nonetheless --Scott]

Bill Schlimme

  • Carl: "Gee Daisy, I didn't know you had a pilot's liscense!"
    Daisy: "Pilot's liscense??"
  • Daisy: "Carl, have you ever heard of Area 54?"
  • As they fly away, they realize that the flying pink elephant from Section One is charging them!
    Carl: "And that's no ordinary pachaderm!"

Stephanie and Michelle Clarke

  • comments: The helicopter , with Carl now inside, should derail and total a train, but the helicopter should be totally intact.
    Daisy says, "Oops, didn't I have the right of way?"


  • Carl should thank Daisy for saving him. Hugging her, saying " Thank you". I mean, it's the polite thing to do. He could tell her that he loves her but I don't know if Carl is ready for that yet. I hear he has commitment issues.

Nathan Kuruna

  • "Daisy" pulls off a mask to reveal James Bond, or a James Bond like character (the car just turned into a hellicopter ya know)
  • Carl: Daisy, I didn't know you had a helicopter... or "where did you get a helicopter?"
  • Carl: Daisy, how'd you do that? Daisy: I've developed the ability to psychicly alter reality!

Harry Lagoussis

    The thing that I find mind-boggling about last week’s suggestions is not that there were over twenty winners (actually, they were twenty, myself included) but that two (2!) people tried the “It’s a space station!” solution. Anyway, here are my suggestions:

  • The helicopter is tilted, and through the open door [these are probably not called “doors”, but who cares?] we can see Carl falling off, unable to grab hold [the dialogue is probably “Whoaaa!” or “Daisyyy!” or Daisy crying out “Carl!”]. In the foreground you can draw a snazzy close-up of Daisy. I like this panel because it ties the three stories together neatly and leaves room for one of my old suggestions [either the flying pink elephant saves Carl or he gets abducted by aliens]. Hell, it even leaves room for Bob Dole on his flying pickle! ;-)
  • Carl [sitting next to Daisy in the helicopter]: “I love you”.
  • Same as above, only now we see a double portrait of our lovebirds looking at each other [our POV is from behind their seats], a little heart floating between them, while A HUGE JUMBO JET IS AT TWELVE O’CLOCK AND IN COLLISSION COURSE. Of course, the Jumbo Jet can always be substituted by a flying pink elephant, a UFO, or Bob Dole on a flying pickle [in which case, Matt Ryan gets half the credit, of course].
  • Daisy looks at Carl as they fly away and says “Carl, I’m pregnant”.
  • Daisy looks at Carl as they fly away and says “Carl, there’s something I have to tell you...”.
  • A tentacle grabs hold of the helicopter. Carl, shaken, says “What was *that*?” [I just realized what this whole momster thing reminds me of: Peter Jackson’s Braindead. Maybe we can build it up to a nice little homage at the end].

    Loved the completion of “My Obsession with Chess”. I gotta admit that when I first read part one, I didn’t see why it had to be an “Online Comic” -what the form really added to the narrative. The use of space and scrolling at the end, however, was brilliant. Do you believe that the ending was influenced –consciously or otherwise- by Seth’s “A little story about Perch Night” from Palookaville #2?

[Unconsciously maybe, but even though I'm a great fan of Seth's work, I'm afraid I don't remember that particular story. It's even possible that's the one issue I'm missing! --Scott]

frank episale

  • helictoper flies with carl holding onto daisy and nightmare microsoft monster holding onto carl, both trailing at a dangerously low altitude as the helicopter approaches an overpass or bridge ahead.

Susan Cook

  • Bungee cord gets caught in helicopter blades

Mark Schlatter

    Hmmm.... the suicidal Carl storyline meets the non-suicidal Carl storyline, forcing us to consider those personality traits so essential to Carl he exudes them regardless of his situation. My suggestions:

  • Booze! We see Carl hanging out of the copter, yelling "Daisy, let's go buzz the liquor store!"
  • A complete inability to focus on the matter at hand! We see Carl hanging out of the copter, yelling "Hey, that's my house!"

Al B Moore

  • Close up of Carl's hand pushing a button on the helicopter dashboard. Car says: "Nice helicopter, Daisy, but what does this do?"
  • Carl says: "Thanks, Daisy! But what about that!" He points at a mountain or large airplane in the helicopter's path

colin roald

    Argh. So Carl's Mom might be alive, dead, or taken over by aliens, and Daisy inexplicably owns a magic car. I'm taking the easy way out:

  • Carl: "God, dating a SUPERSPY turns me on!"
    The helicopter lands at Blofeld's chalet for an evening of passionate offscreen hot-tubbing.
  • VICTOR DENDRITE strides boldly up to CARL and DAISY'S table in the Jug and Jigger and announces, "I am your long-lost father, Carl," and disintegrates in a greasy cloud of dust. DAISY slickly reholsters her pearl-handled KrankorTech Blast-o-Matic Portable Beam Weapon as Carl stares in shock. "He was Red Bag stooge, Carl, taking ruthless advantage of your deep-seated abandonment issues. And now we have to get out of here!" But they are too late---the windows of the dim bar suddenly flare with the actinic searchlights of a Zanzibarian Fast Attack Gunship landing in the parking lot and crushing 3 pickups and the 5-Space Interdimensional Hyper-Tensor Multiverse Translator!

    "Muh truck..." moans JED.

    (apologies to Douglass Barre, age 28.)

    Jason Fliegel wins last week's Funniest Gratuitous Microsoft Slam award.


    In the helicopter.

  • Carl: Where are we going?
    Daisy: I'm taking this thing to Borneo!
    Carl: Borneo?!


  • Carl screams "Dear God, it has wings!" Then Daisy says "Yes and . . flowers?"

Jon Delorey

  • Carl is falling
  • Carl is falling
  • Carl is falling

    I'm short of imagination today...
    I guess he could go Eeeeeee... or something. He definitely does not see his shadow. Happy Ground Hog Day!

Doug Waldron

    February 2, 1999: Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!

    So I get to plug a website, huh? OK, how about Find out if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow!

  • Carl: "Jeepers, Daisy, you're swell!" Daisy: "Aww, Carl, you say the sweetest things. " Momster: "Could it be I've been wrong about humanity? Maybe what I really need is to love more." (Okay, so I'm in a sappy mood right now; sue me.)

[Note to newcomers, as one of last week's many winner's, Doug does indeed get to plug the website of his choice. But remember, that's winners only -- 'cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]

Nathan Alderman

  • Carl and Daisy sit side-by-side in the car/copter. Carl is smiling obliviously at an irritated Daisy and saying, "Wow, now I wish I hadn't turned you down when you wanted to get married!"

Mark Rosenfelder

  • Carl to Daisy: "It doesn't *feel* like we're just two panels away from death here."
  • Carl to Daisy: "Lemme drive!" Daisy: "No!"
  • Carl: "That was close!" ...but Daisy, unseen by Carl, has turned into a fanged monster!
  • Daisy to a gaping Carl: "You didn't know I like to *fight crime*?"
  • Daisy to a gaping Carl: "You didn't know I like to *fight crime*?"

Avery J. Cohen

    Ok, I'm back.

  • The winged Carl flys in front of the Helicopter door nearing Carl. "What's that?" "It's ME???"
  • Carl's mom, now an angel, flys in front of the Helicopter. "Remember, Carl." "Mom?!?"
  • A giant-sized version of the monster reaches out of the water, grabbing the helicopter. "What's that?" "My worst nightmare!"
  • A giant-sized version of the monster reaches out of the water, grabbing the helicopter. Daisy, inside the 'copter is yelling "Wake up, Carl!" (Too bad, he can't. It's against the rules.)
  • "Cool! What's _this_ lever for?" "No!" -Poit!- The Helicopter, in mid-air, turns (back) into a car.
  • Carl leaning out the door of the helicopter, his eyes are spinning. "Daisy?" "Yes, Carl?" "I'm afraid of heights!" Naah. I'll be back later.

    Lots of winners last time. Are you going for the obvious, Scott? I'm just starting up my website, where I've got a comics script and I'm starting some discussions about "Semiotics Comics Poetry". Feel free to stop by at


  • carl pops open a can of beer. "I need a DRINK!"

M. Robert Turnage

  • The winged/flying Carl swoops by the copter, precariously close to the rotary baldes. "What was that!" exclaims Daisy. "Its ME!" responds 'Copter Carl.

Daniel M. Laenker

  • "We're headin' for Vegas!"
  • The helicopter bolts off into the west, with Daisy saying: "We'll go into the Sierras! They'll never find us!"

Howard Ian Schiller

    How about...

  • Carl hanging his head our of the window looking at the city below him saying "They all look like ants from here."
  • close-up on our friend the monster sprouting wings saying "And i'm no ordinary monster!"

Avery J. Cohen

  • Or, if you want to take a refreshing pause and get back to the opening scene(s): Carl & Daisy in the helicopter... Carl: "Whew! I need a drink!" Daisy: "There's a keg in back." Carl: "Cool!"
  • Or, use a long shot of the helicopter flying toward the city. "Hey, this cooler is full of beer, want one?" "Thanks!" Chug, Chug sound effects. This can be combined with any number of potential threats: black smoke coming out of the rotor mounts of the 'copter (Pop!), a bi-plane doing arial acrobatics, an approaching flock of birds, a missile being fired from a submarine below them, a giant gorilla climbing up the side of a nearby building.

Thom Marrion

  • panal one - Daisy and Carl in the cockpit of the helicopter. Daisy is turned to carl and asks him,"Do you think the Army will mind that I took there helicopter?"

    panal two - A warplane flys up behind them shooting missles. The pilot is screaming, "Die, you enemies of democracy!"

    panal three - Carl faling from the sky.

    panal four - r.i.p. carl

[Note to newcomers: I'm only looking for one panel at a time, but like Thom, you can always make suggestions for follow-ups. Just be sure to make 'em again the next week if you win! --Scott]

Jeff Clear

  • Carl- "A helicopter? Daisy, you're no ordinary woman!"
  • The helicoter flies in front of the duck hunter from section 1.
  • The helicopter flies over the Chrysler building [I want to work Arthur Dekker in somehow ;) ]

Erich Mees

  • Carl and Daisy in the helicopter, with Carl wiping his brow and saying "That was a close call! Thanks for saving me, Daisy."

Piers Beckley

  • Close-up of the fuel gauge... as the needle touches empty
    Daisy: Uh-oh.

George Broderick, Jr.

  • Carl and Daisy in the cockpit of the chopper...
    Carl (confused): A pink helecopter?
    Daisy (proudly): Mary Kaye top salesperson three months running!

Avery J. Cohen

  • The helicopter at rest on a roof-top landing pad. Carl and Daisy are getting out "Thanks, Daisy, you saved my life." While an older man in a tuxedo greets them, "Carl, Daisy, you're just in time!" (or, "Carl, Daisy, thank God you're here!")
  • The helicopter sweeping down toward a dark cave... "Next stop, my secret lab." "Is that the right cave, Daisy?"
  • Daisy is showing Carl the helicopter's high-tech control panel. "...and it runs Windows (TM)!" Carl "Uh, oh."

    So, as one of the twenty winners last week -- sometimes the best solution _is_ the most obvious -- I get to post the URL to my website? OK, I've really only started on this site, but it's got an essay I did on "Improvisation Exercises for Comics Writers and Illustrators", which might be of interest to participants in this weekly game. It's at

Mike Taub

  • Daisy turns back into the nightmare monster: "... and I'm NOT Daisy!" (or worse, she turns into his mother... a little bit worse for wear.)


  • "Hey...Do you smell smoke?"
    p.s. Nobody burst into flame.

Elan "El Chino Bandito" Trinidad

  • Carl holds onto Daisy's hand. He's outside of the copter, haning for his life. Carl: "AH! I'm slipping"
  • The copter is on a head on collission with a pink, flying elephant.
    Carl: "Look out!"
  • The monster, with it's stretching tenticles, grabs onto the copter's landing gear.
  • The copter crashes into a mountain.
  • Int: Carl and Daisy in the copter. Daisy has this evil look in her eyes, like she's gonna kill Carl. Daisy: "Now I have you all to myself! Ha Ha!"

Morgan Doninger

  • The panel is Daisy and Carl in the cockpit.
    Carl: Since when have you been a pilot?
    Daisy: Wellll....

Austin Swinburn

  • Carl - "That's Not my worst nightmare - my worst nightmare is...falling!"
    (plummets through two panels, praying all the while to land in an open grave.)


  • Carl- "Whew, that was close!"
  • Carl- "Daisy, you saved my life!"
  • Carl- "Look out for that airplane!"
  • Carl- "Look out for the cliff!"
  • Carl- "Thanks Daisy, but aren't we flying really close to the sun?"
  • Carl- "Daisy, I didn't know you cared that much!"
  • Carl- "Thanks Daisy" as you see an oncoming airplane behind a cloud.
  • A voice comes on the radio, "You are in US Government Airspace, leave now!"
  • They are caught in an alien tractorbeam.
  • An attack helicopter appears nearby with "B. Gates" on the side. They blare out "You can't escape me!"
  • "Daisy, I thought I was going to die!"

Thomas Hsieh

    Time to extensively used Oh no's to create problems for Carl.

  • Oh no, we've flown into outerspace!
  • Oh no, we've flown into Iraqi airspace!
  • Oh no, we're running out of fuel!
  • Oh no, that's not a propeller, it's just a circular piece of glass!
  • Oh no, I'm going to die in three panels!
  • Oh no, it's the Bermuda Triangle!
  • Oh no, it's Mom!

    P.S. Could you change the last panel in section 6 on the bottom left to a blank panel so Carl doesn't have to die at the very end?

[Hmmm... Well, I can't change the panel, Thomas. But, there is an underlying assumption to the question that you might want to examine a little more closely as the story progresses.
;-) --Scott]

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

    Right to it:

  • CARL turns to DAISY, a confused expression on his face. CARL: "Where'd you get this thing, anyway?"
  • CARL pulls out a can of beer. CARL: "She didn't say anything about drinking and flying!"
  • CARL and DAISY wave out the window at GOD, reclining on a cloud nearby. GOD: "Hey, look out for the--!"
  • DAISY looks at CARL with a solemn expression. DAISY: "Carl, we really need to talk about this death wish of yours."
  • CARL, dressed in the special suit given to him during NASA astronaut training, proceeds towards the rocket, little knowing that Dendrite has sabotaged the navigational controls. Meanwhile, DAISY, still imprisoned in the Red Bag Society's teleportational dungeon deep beneath Mt. Rushmore makes a startling discovery... her cellmate is none other than CARL's real father! CARL's father, bedraggled from years of imprisonment, holds out his palm, revealing a tattoo just like that on CARL's back. DAISY: "But that means... no! It can't be!"
  • CARL gazes out the helicopter window. CARL: "Gee, I forgot how much I love flying. Almost like I had wings in a past life."
  • CARL gets down on one knee in the helicopter and displays a large diamond ring. CARL: "Daisy, will you marry me?"
  • We see a shadowy figure in a room filled with complicated panels and devices. On the main screen is DAISY's helicopter, silhouetted in a set of crosshairs. The shadowy figure is clenching a fist menacingly. SHADOWY FIGURE: "At long last, I've finally got you, Carl!"
  • DAISY's helicopter is on the ground at the side of a road. Parked behind it is a police car. There is a policeman writing out a ticket. Standing in front of the helicopter, CARL frowns at DAISY. DAISY: "I swear, I thought I paid the registration!"
  • We see CARL's hand reaching towards the control panel. There is a large red button labelled "DO NOT TOUCH!" CARL: "I wonder what this does!"
  • How about a placid scene of the helicopter flying in front of the sun, silhouetted by the streaming sunbeams bouncing off the rotors... a nice orange glow infusing the nearby clouds... no words or danger, just one peaceful moment for Carl to enjoy.

Sky (age 5)

  • He gets in and says "Daisy?"

Ivy (age 38 still..)

  • Carl and Daisy in 'copter. Carl:When did you learn to fly?!" Daisy "I didn't!"

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