This week's panel suggested by Jimmy joined by the Negative-Response Club:

  • Nathan Kuruna
  • Bill Schlimme
  • James J. Dominguez
  • Josiah Rowe
  • Tod Caviness
  • Phredd Groves
  • Erich Mees
  • Jonathan Bogart
  • Markus Gerwinski
  • Chris Shumway
  • Michael Patrick
  • Michael Avolio
  • Travis W. Howard
  • Ross Horowitz
  • Tom Harris
  • Jimmy
  • Sky (age 6)!

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...

Happy to include Sky in the list this week. Her sister Winter, as you may recall contributed to the sound f/x department two weeks ago. You GO, Girls!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 10/03/1999

Catatonic: The Jan Catt Roxxanne

    JOY! I finally won... sorta... kind of... but none the less, I am granted the power of a link. And the link I have chosen is It's pretty good site, aside from it not being updated in about a year. Speaking of which, if he's reading this I'd just like to ask him where he's been: "Say Mister Kuper- where ya been at, huh?" Anyway- Onward to the creation...

  • Carl is falling through the air clutching his cross, thinking frightened, "I belive any sense of order in my life has just been removed..."
  • Carl returns, cross in hand. "Hey, I'm back- but wheres Dad?" he says, unknowingly that to the right of him, vampire Dads gaping jaws and humongous tounge (already coiled around Carl, much to his loss of attention span) are preparing to make Carl into a slobery drunken feast.

    Hey Mr.Scott, lately I've been considering getting into Manga, is there anything you could recomend?

[Manga 101 would start with Osamu Tezuka, "The God of Comics," who drew 150,000 pages of comics from WWII to the late 80's. His best works (from the late 60's) like Buddha, Phoenix and Dororo have never been translated fully, but you can learn a lot just looking at the original Japanese editions. If you have a Books Kinokuniya in a city near you, you can also start browsing the phone-book sizes weeklies for a glimpse of the current scene. Any other Carl posters have reccommendations? --Scott]

Nathan Kuruna

    Okay people, last time she said "Yes," so this time she's gotta say

  • "No Way!" This response could be accompanied by any number of actions, ranging from Daisy slapping the ring from Carl's hand, to her kicking him out of the copter, to her pulling off a mask to reveal a monster identical to the one Carl has just eluded.

    Just saw "Run Lola Run" again... so cool... need soundtrack...

Bill Schlimme

  • Daisy: "Surely you jest!" Carl, looking confused: "But, my name's not SHIRLEY!"
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to break it to you like this, but...I've been seeing your father." Carl looks stupid.
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to break it to you like this, but...I think I may be gay!" Carl looks stupid.
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to break it to you like this, but...I HATE YOU!" Carl looks stupid.
  • Daisy: "Mother's right: I can do SOOOOO much better!"
  • Daisy: "Is that real..." Carl: "Yep, the guy on the street corner said it was 100% cubic zirconian!" [sic] Carl is stupid.
  • Daisy's skin rips assunder, revealing her to be a creature of the Momster species: "Sure, Big Boy! Howzabout a li'l kiss?" Carl looks horrified.
  • Daisy: "But, Carl, I still have wild oats to sow!" Carl looks stupid.
  • Daisy: "But carl, I thought you knew this was only a youthful indiscretion for me!" Carl looks stupid.
  • Daisy: "Uh, no." Carl looks stupid.

    Finally, a panel I can work with!


  • Caption: 50 years later ... Carl and Daisy, now old, sit in the living room of their house. Daisy: "Carl, I want a divorce."

James J. Dominguez

    I am determined... Carl is either going to hell, or he is going to meet up with dinosaurs. Not this panel though, I just can't fit them in... Thinking... thinking... we seem to have two frames in which to turn Carl into a vampire, give him a cross, and summon an angel. Shouldn't be too hard. *cringe*

  • Daisy transforms into an angel, saying "I can't marry you Carl - I'm your guardian angel."
  • Kinda downbeat - Daisy says "What" Marry you? Are you kidding?" with an expression of disgust on her face.
  • Daisy looks confused and says "But that's not a ring, it's a bulb of garlic." ...and she's right!
  • Daisy says, "You know I can't marry you. I'm a nun." She says this while putting on her habit.
  • Daisy says, "I... I can't marry you. I'm a man." She pulls of a rubber mask to reveal a bearded male face.
  • ...or she could be really enigmatic, and say, "I... I can't marry you, because of my terrible secret!"
  • To lead into the vampire thing... "Sure! Now, a toast to celebrate!" and she bares her vampire fangs.

    See how they go. This whole thing is a great idea, Scott. Nice to see that the WWW is still doing what it started out with - bringing people all over the world together to have fun and exercise their minds. Thanks for all the effort you put in.

Josiah Rowe

  • Daisy laughs: "In your dreams, Carl!" Carl is heartbroken (little red broken hearts?)
  • Daisy: "Let me see that-- Oops!" (as the ring falls out of the helicopter!)
  • Daisy: "But Carl! I'm your long-lost twin sister!"
  • Daisy: "Oh, Carl, you're such a kidder!" Carl is heartbroken.
  • Daisy thinks: "I'd love to -- But Carl doesn't know about..." Carl waits in a frenzy of anticipation.
  • Daisy: "Carl, there's something you should know..." (Let's get that trans-section parallelism going!)
  • Daisy: "But, Carl, marriage is an outdated patriarchal trope which enslaves women as the property of their husbands! I can never marry you!" Carl is heartbroken.
  • Daisy: "Of course I'll marry you, Carl! But you'll have to convert..."
  • Daisy: "Carl, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" (or, more succinctly, "Have you found Jesus?" [to which question the proper response is, of course, "I didn't know He was lost!"])
  • Daisy: "Carl, do you know that I'm a man?"

    Scott, can I repeat my request for "sideways" links? (That is, links between adjacent sections.) When you're reviewing the story so far, it's a big pain in the butt to have to keep going out to the "big picture"...

Tod Caviness

    Wish I could say I didn't put in my two cents for last week 'cause I was savin' the juice for this one. The sad truth is that I'm just a slacker and ought to be spanked. Hard. Forgive me ... 'sob'.

  • Carl #2 appears from the back seat. Carl #2: "Amscray, pal. She's mine." (He is still in this thread, if you go back far enough ...)
  • A priest pops up from the back seat, bible in hand. Daisy: "Thought you'd never ask!"
  • Daisy: "N-no, Carl ... ours is a forbidden love ..." You can just make out the fangs in her mouth as she turns away from him ... (I know, I know, the vampire thing is played ... couldn't resist)
  • Daisy: "Oh, Carl! I ..." Carl interrupts, pointing out the window. Carl: "Hey, is that a liquor store?"
  • Caption: Nine months later. Carl and Daisy stare lovingly together into a crib. Daisy: "Doesn't he have the cutest ..." (To be continued ...)
  • Caption: A few years later. Carl sits on a couch with Daisy ironing and two or three screaming kids in the background. Carl: "Jeez, I need a drink ..."

Phredd Groves

    I may be late to this party, but now I wanna get in on the fun!

  • Save POV as previous panel: Carl 2 pops up from the back seat and says, "She's already married to me!"
  • Daisy is excited, "Oh Carl! Yes" Carl: "Leave Your hands on the wheel this time Daisy."
  • Shot from rear, where Daisy's siamese twin is revealed crouching down behind the pilot's seat somehow. "You have to marry my sister Ethel too."
  • Save POV as previous panel: "Oh Carl!" Daisy tears up. "I can't. I'm no longer among the living."
  • Save POV as previous panel: "If you marry me, you must promise never to see your family again!"
  • Save POV as previous panel: "Damn it all Carl! You keep asking me that! The answer is still no!"
  • Carl's worst nightmare breaks through the copter windshield and swallows Daisy before a horrified Carl.
  • Daisy: "Yes, Carl. I will" Daisy has a very creepy detatched look to her face though. Somethings definitely not right. Poor Carl looks nonplussed.
  • Save POV as previous panel: Daisy opens her surprisingly large mouth with sharp pointy teeth and swallows Carl's proffered engagement ring. She also has reptilian eyes. "GROWF!"
  • Save POV as previous panel: Daisy activates her ejection seat and escapes the situation, calling out as she leaves, "As if!"

Douglass Barre (Age 29)

    I've got to get back to multiple suggestions. This darned "focus on productivity" is killing my wasteful hobby creativity.

  • DAISY embraces CARL. DAISY: "Yes, oh yes!" DAISY (thought balloon): "I can CHANGE him!"

Lee K. Seitz

    I'm back. Actually, I've been here all along, but couldn't come up with any good suggestions lately.

  • Daisy: Yes, Carl! And look, we can get married at the church down there right now! (Pointing to church they're flying over in the helicopter.)

    Are you going to keep "Help! I've burst into flame!" on the forbidden list for the follow up to "It burns! It burns!"?

[Well, we must retain the rule of law, lest all Hell break loose, but y'know there are plenty of alternate phrasings should the need arise. --Scott]

Erich Mees

    Let's go the obvious route, shall we?

  • Well, since this panel was followed up by "Oh Carl! Yes!" in section 2, this time let's have Daisy say "I can never marry you, Carl..." (Explanation to follow in the next panel.) It would be great if you could include a little broken heart (maybe even an animated one that goes from whole to broken) over Carl's head.


  • Daisy says "You'd need to 'convert' if we got married" "Ok" says carl, not noticing her fangs.

Travis Pelkie

    Glad to know that some people actually read my suggestions. Travis H., I think maybe the plural should be "Travies" or "Traveys". Maybe not either.

  • Daisy says to Carl, only if you find religion.

    Okay, not my best, but I'll think up more later. Scott, I picked up a copy of Zot! 5 for 25 cents at Ithacon! Other great stuff too, like a bunch of Cerebus for a buck each. I love comic cons! Scott, do you know of any good books on Trajan's column? I'm thinking about writing a paper about it for a class, and figured you'd know some good stuff. Be back later!

[Travi? --Scott]

Dark Artist

    Well, you know I can't have Daisy saying yes yet again...

  • Daisy says, "I can't cope with this! I'm having a heart attack!" Carl says "NO!" Daisy says skull and crossbones just like Carl's mom did when she died.

    The next panel would reveal that she is the angel about to give Carl that golden cross. Or, Carl could say to the dead corpse of Daisy, "Darn it Daisy! That should have been me!"

Jonathan Bogart

    After months of lurking, the time has come to throw more suggestions at you.

  • Short and sweet. Daisy: "No way!"
  • Daisy: "Hell no! I don't want to be a widow in only three panels!" Carl: "?"
  • Daisy: "Oh, Carl, yes! There's a church; let's do it now!"
  • Daisy: "Eww! I'd rather be attacked by vampire gophers!"
  • Carl: "Never mind. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."
  • Daisy slaps Carl.
  • Closeup on Daisy. "Let me... THINK about it." As she smiles we see that she too is a vampire.
  • Carl slaps Daisy.
  • Daisy (handing Carl a cross): "Okay, but first you must be born again."
  • Carl slaps Carl.

    Nothing much to say, except that I, like everyone else, am impatiently awaiting the day REINVENTING COMICS hits the stores.

[So am I. Now if only it would draw itself. I have a website that's in need of attention! --Scott]

Kyle Hollingsworth

    Setting up to merge with vampire Carl burning... hmmm

  • Daisy, hugging Carl, with her fangs extended: "Oh, Carl!"

Markus Gerwinski

  • Daisy: "Carl, please... let's just stay good friends, okay?"
  • Daisy (angrily): "Oh no, not another one!"
  • Daisy (with an evil grin): "Are you sure you want THAT, Carl?"
  • Daisy takes the ring and examines it: "Where did you get this, Carl?"
  • The helicopter stands in front of a church. Soundtrack: Bells.

Matthew Johnson

  • Daisy: Of course I'll marry you, Carl. But first we have to recover the Flaming Cross of Illyria! (cue Indiana Jones theme)

Chris Shumway

  • Daisy: "But Carl, I'm already married... to Jesus!"
  • Daisy: "But Carl, I'm already married... to Thor!"
  • Daisy: "But Carl, aren't you dead or something?"
  • Carl: "Just kidding. This is just my new novelty cigarette lighter. See?"
  • Carl: "If you say no, I'll light myself on fire!"
  • Daisy: "Yes!" Carl: "Let's celebrate!"[opens a beer]

Michael Patrick

  • Daisy kicks Carl out of Helicopter. Daisy: No!
  • Daisy kicks Carl out of helicopter. Daisy: Yes!
  • Close up on Daisy with a black background. She is baring her vampire fangs. Daisy: Yes, Let's be together FOREVER!
  • Daisy: Yes, but only if you convert to a Roman Catholic for me!
  • Daisy: Yes, but only if you convert to a devout Tarimite!
  • Daisy holding Carl's hand and looking deeply into his eyes. Daisy: Oh, Carl...I'm in love with someone else. Carl: (mouth agape and eyes weling with tears) Who?

Michael Avolio

    Ahhh... Possibilities abound! I hope to win and expect to lose. (Well, maybe not lose, but... y'know. Not win.)

  • DAISY: No.
  • DAISY: (looking away sadly) Carl, I...
  • DAISY: (looking away sadly) Carl, I didn't want to have to tell you this, but...
  • DAISY: (disgusted) Carl -- you're my BROTHER! (Do we have to keep in continuity with the original Carl piece?)
  • CARL: ...If Denise says no, that is..?
  • A of Scott McCloud. SCOTT MCCLOUD: Hi, I'm Scott McCloud. (Just think -- Carl and Daisy could crash into Scott, or... other great stuff could happen! You KNOW this's the best suggestion! You KNOW!!!)
  • CARL: (pointing wildly out the window) LOOK OUT!
  • DAISY: Um... I'm Daisy's twin sister, Violet. (Two flower names! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the comedy...) Maybe Daisy's in the back and sticks her head into the frame. I dunno.
  • DAISY: Of course! On one condition...
  • DAISY: Daisy? Who's Daisy?

    Yeah, okay, I blew it again. I admit it! But I have a pretty good record; you can't let me go. You just can't.

Travis W. Howard

  • [Daisy] W-w-what about my marriage to Brian Boitano?
  • [Daisy] But I've already got a Green Card, Carl..
  • They embrace. Word balloon from Daisy says "Yes!" Carl's head is turned towards the reader eyes HUGE and he looks white as a sheet at something off camera.
  • [Daisy] Yes! [Carl] This calls for a celebration! (beer in hand)
  • Camera angle is from Daisy's viewpoint. Monster is peering in through Carl's window and says "I don't mean to interrupt, but.."
  • [Daisy] I'd consider it, if you didn't get that ring from a candy machine. [Carl looks despondant]
  • [Daisy] Not now Carl, That thing is right behind us.. ask me again in 2 panels.
  • [Panel caption reads] 10 Years Later.. Panel shows a beerbelly Carl reclining in his chair, holding a beer, and Daisy in the background in rollers.
  • Multiple balloons. [Daisy] No. [Carl] Date? [Daisy] No. [Carl] Call? [Daisy] No. [Carl] MOUNTAIN!! [Daisy] No, er.. [Both] AAAAAAAH!
  • [Daisy] Yes, but just because my dad owns the beer factory..

Travis Pelkie

    So plan A in the Travii plot to conquer the world is to sue Alan Moore for using a talking monkey and robot butler type, which is so obviously a ripoff of Zot! This would cause a rift among the comics community, and cause... wait a minute, nothing in the comics community would affect the real world! Back to the old drawing board. (Zot! 5 was excellent, BTW) And wouldn't it be cool to see an online ABC comic, written by Alan and computer drawn by Scott?

  • Okay, first off, to expand on my previous suggestion: Daisy says, Only if you find religion, Carl sez, why, who lost it? Insert rim shot here.
  • Daisy says, only when you get rid of that burning sensation you've got. I don't know what this means either.
  • Monkeys in shirts. Absolutely hilarious.
  • Daisy starts telling these "two guys walk into a bar..." jokes. Why?
  • "Meanwhile, in heaven..." An angel talks to his supervisor, says that he's got to show Carl how the world would be different without him. This of course leads to the "burnie" panel, and shows that the world wouldn't be all that different.
  • Monkeys in shirts!!!

    Oh, pardon my suggestions. But I do like that idea of going from gravestone to the don't drink+drive panel. It would also be interesting to see if we could form some sequence by going from panel to panel at random, instead of just building right off the panel next to it. Hey, the time change is going to be on Halloween, I believe! Fall back, so an extra hour! Maybe I'll do a "25" hour comic then! (Hey, it's Halloween, it's supposed to be spooky and break rules.)

["Travii." That's it. --Scott]

Johnny Depp


  • Have Carl give Daisy a wet willy


Ross Horowitz

  • Daisy says, "Yes." just like in section 2.
  • Daisy says, "No. Let's just be friends" and kicks him out of helicopter.
  • Daisy says, "If I'm you're only reason to live, why aren't you dead yet?"
  • Daisy says, "Let me get my dress and we'll go find a church."
  • Daisy says, "But Carl you're a vampire."
  • Daisy says, "But Carl you have funny sharp teeth."
  • Daisy says, "But Carl you're Jewish."
  • Daisy says, "Um, Carl, we're out of gas."
  • Daisy says, "But what would your father say?"
  • Daisy says, "Oops Carl, I've set you on fire." Carl is on fire. (Hey, I'm trying!)

Douglass Barre (Age 29)

  • Okay, well, CARL and DAISY are in the church getting married, but CARL is, instead of paying attention to his wife-to-be, staring suspiciously at a golden cross affixed to the altar behind the minister.

Tom Harris

  • Daisy: "What?! Are you kidding??? How could I marry a drunk like you??"
  • Daisy with little hearts in her eyes saying "Oh yes, Carl! Yes!" while revealing her little white fangs....
  • Daisy reveals her true identity.. Carl's mother.
  • Before Daisy can answer, the chopper soars above the clouds, where they see an angel floating in front of them...
  • Suddenly a bird flies into the chopper blades!
  • Daisy keels over saying... "Stone in ring...Kryptonite!!"

    Enjoy these lame suggestions :)


    Drawing from a long personal history of rejection...

  • Daisy:Uhmmm... No, sorry Carl....
  • Daisy: Are you kidding?! you still live with your mother!
  • Daisy: And ruin our beautiful friendship?
  • [uncomfortable silence]
  • Daisy: Sorry I can't, I have a dental appointment Carl:?
  • Daisy: Yeah! Like I'm gonna marry some guy who just went through what you went through!
  • Carl and Daisy walking down the aisle.
  • Carl drops out of bottom of helicopter. Daisy pulled on a lever marked "ejection".
  • Daisy: You know I'm already engaged to winged Carl.
  • Daisy: I'm not sure I understand the question. It seems so ridiculous. (ouch! We can see by Carl's facial expression that his heart is breaking.)

    Now off to therapy I go...

Ross Horowitz

    Could just one path have a happy ending for Carl. I feel so bad for him.

Winter (age 4)

  • I will drink and drive.
  • I don't drink and drive.
  • I will drink and drive.tgybkyk
  • blah blah blah

Sky (age 6)

  • Daisy says 'NO OF COURSE NOT"


  • In her excitment, Daisy passes out on the controls of the 'copter. Carl looks worried.

Fat Mama

  • "I can't right now because I'm going to be a big a mist, of which I'm heading into."

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