This week's panel suggested by dan wheeler and Millsy


You guys will have to work hard to surprise me next week!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 10/10/1999

Nathan Kuruna

    Hot damn! A win! Sort of. But I already "sort of" won once before (the big explosion panel), so I'm gonna count two partial wins as equivalent to one legitimate win and finaly plug my website: It's a site devoted to my weekly comic in The Triangle, the student newspaper at Drexel University. But enough shameless self-promotion, on to the suggestion...

  • Carl and Daisy are distracted by some sort of mechanical malfunction noises. A bit of smoke begins to rise from the dashboard of the chopper, and perhaps the begining of a small flame. Optional dialogue: One of them: Do you smell gasoline...?

    Carl has to catch fire pretty soon here folks, if he's gonna meet up properly with the other continuity.

Tom Harris

  • Carl loses his temper, and grabs the wheel of the chopper. "If I can't have you, NOBODY can!" as the chopper swerves out of control..
  • a tear appears on Carl's cheek and he starts praying to the Archangel Gabriel...
  • Daisy says "Just kidding! Sure, I'll marry you!"
  • shot of Carl and Daisy suddenly looking up and shouting "Oh no!!!!! Aiee!"

Greg Crothers

  • Daisy grows horns and fangs, a maniacal look upon her face towards Carl. "Yeah right," she says, "like we were ever friends!!!"

Erich Mees

    This is probably going to be suggested by a lot of people, but here goes...

  • Upset by Daisy's rejection, Carl says "Just stab me in the heart, why don't you?!" So, we can neatly tie up this thread with the Vampire Carl thread AND the RIP panel!

Erich Mees

    Whoops! Forgot I was on the winners' list, and thus entitled to plug a website! Guess I'd better come up with something else...

  • Carl is sulking angrily, with cartoon "steam" smoldering from his head. He thinks "Rejected again! That just burns me up...!: Again, something that can tie this thread to the other one ("It burns! It burns!"), AND lead into the tombstone panel. Not to mention, a set-up for a LEGITIMATE use of "Help! I've burst into flame!"

    Well, I WOULD have plugged the Dysfunctional Family Circus, but it's being taken down this weekend. So, I guess I'll just do some shameless self-promotion and recommend a story of my own, a crossover fanfic between Xena and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It's on-line at several locations, but since I can only plug one site, I'll suggest its home at the Joxer fan site ( Enjoy!

Morgan Doninger

    I missed two weeks?!?!?! Oh Lord you lose track of time when working on off-off Broadway shows. Sort of like Hamlet does... maybe not.

  • Carl holds the ring in his hand. CARL: It burns!! It burns!!
  • CARL: Yeah, well, OK. Gee those rotor blades look sharp.
  • CARL: You call this a friendship?
  • CARL thought ballon: I need a drink.
  • A pink elephant's foot steps on Carl's heart.

    With God as my witness, I swear I won't go Carlless again!

Erich Mees

    I think I might have misspelled the URL for my website plug in the last one I submitted, so I guess I'll have to come up with another suggestion!

  • Carl thinks "Maybe I can win Daisy back by using black magic..."

    Okay, here's the URL for my story: That's "miltiades," not "militiades" as I think I may have typed before--just wanted to fix that. (Of course, if I spelled it CORRECTLY the first time, then I'm just wasting your time with this...)

Jay Sabicer

  • Carl: Well, I guess I won't need *this* anymore! He plunges his hand into his chest and yanks out his heart (use as much gore as taste dictates)
  • Daisy: But didn't you know? I'm currently engaged to Thor. Thor (who's flying alongside with his hammer out front, guiding him): Tough break, mortal!

Don Campbell

  • -Carl says if I can have you I can't bear living any more as he jumps out of the car.

Markus Gerwinski

  • Carl silently takes out a gasoline container and a matchbox. Daisy: "Uh, Carl, what --"
  • Carl: "Daisy, please! Can't you feel the fire in my heart?!" We see his seat from behind: Below it there's a blank wire, and the seat starts burning.
  • The helicopter from outside. Carl is opening the door. From inside Daisy's word balloon: "Carl!!!"
  • Carl and Daisy from behind. Through the front window we see an active volcanoe. Carl bends over to Daisy and takes the helicopter controls. [Optionally: Carl: "Alright. So we'll come together in DEATH!"]
  • A little symbolic devil is paining Carl with fire and fork. Carl (thought balloon, with a grim look at Daisy and the rejected ring): "Satan? Could we change this little detail?"


  • Carl does a quick cover " Uh...Of Course not, heh heh, I was just kidding" as he throws the ring out the window. He should have an awkward smile and upturned eyebrows, y'know the look I'm talking about,right? Daisy should look a bit purturbed, if not angry.

LuKas Chen

    Ah, I've been away too long...

  • Carl throws himself out of the helicopter in to a volcano, while daisy screams "Carl, Wait!!!" (this leads easily into next week's panel of just a burning Carl)

    One of Tezuka's work I highly recommed is "Blackjack," about a mercenary doctor. Somebody's publishing them right now, and the anime is out, so it's a little easier to find... I also recommend "Kung Fu Boy" series I & II, but since my editions are in Chinese, I con't read the author's name. Kung Fu Boy has begun a _little_ publishing, but not much. your best bet is still the nearby China-town.

[Blackjack is way cool. Tezuka went to medical school before deciding to become a cartoonist, so he had plenty of medical images swimming around in his head. --Scott]

Jesse Rimler

    I'm back!

  • Carl and Daisy in helicopter Carl:Do you smell smoke? And the award for the most uninspired suggestion goes to...

    The most satisfying thing to put in a garbage disposal is a mixture of eggshells, peas and falafals. Try it sometime, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

dan wheeler

  • daisy: how about i just keep you dangling for a few more years, that way i can still use you as a back-up in case nobody better comes along?
  • carl: in that case could we just have sex? i feel like i'm about to explode over here.
  • carl pours the contents of a gas can over his head & takes out a book of matches. carl: if you won't marry me i can't see any point of going on.
  • carl: what if i say if you won't marry me i won't be your friend anymore? huh? how about them apples?

Lee K. Seitz

  • Carl says, "but I can't go on without you as my wife," as he covers himself in gasoline (or maybe beer).
  • Carl: Is it warm in here or is it just me? (We see smoke behind Carl.)
  • Carl says, "I understand. Got a light?" as he holds up a cigarette. (Whoever said drinking was Carl's only vice?) The reader sees a leaking gas can (or tank) in the helicopter dripping near Carl.

    I'm not looking forward to thinking of something that'll work in the last panel of this section.

Travis Pelkie

    Oooh, I'm not sure I like this panel.

  • Fiery car crash, leading to Carl burning up in the next panel, to link up with "it burns"
  • Daisy's a firebreathing dragon. Sure.
  • Carl's CAR bursts into flames.
  • Monkeys in shirts.
  • Monkeys in shirts, on fire.

    Told you I didn't like this panel.

Michael Patrick

  • Daisy: (sniffing air) Do you smell smoke? Carl: Just the flames of my heart burning for you, baby!
  • Daisy: Besides, I know someone who is REALLY in love with you!
  • Longshot from outside of helicopter. Carl: Where are we going, anyway? Daisy: UP UP UP!!!!

Tom Harris

  • (shot of angry, crazed Carl lunging for the steering wheel) "I can't live without you! I'd rather die!"


  • Carl: well, in that case, i'll have to kill you.
  • Carl: can we just have sex, then?
  • Carl, jumping out of helicopter: Now there is no reason to live!
  • Daisi: besides, i'm in love with your father. Carl looks aghast.

Michael Avolio

    The Negative Response Club? I love it!

  • Carl says, "...then I have no reason to live..." (and maybe he pours gasoline on himself, and/or lights himself on fire?) Either that or the monkeys in shirts. Now THAT'S comedy.

    Not a good week to be Carl (is there ever?)

Constable Catt Jan

    I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT. Why, you ask, was because I failed to notice that I did the WRONG PANEL last week. It was two weeks behind! WHAT WAS I THINKING! oy! So sorry to anyone who looked at my panel suggestions and wondered what the hell was going through my head ! ARRGG! Anyway- on a more FOCUSED note, I managed to look into the works of Osamu Tezuka (I hope thats spelled right) and managed to get a large something of his in Japanese. From what I understood of it, it was pretty cool, Thanks Scott!

  • Carl holds his heart, with a look of absolute dread on his face. And a caption below him plainly states."Heart attack. Get it?"
  • Daisy looks to the side and says "Um, could I still have the ring?"
  • Carl looks back at her, looking like a sick puppy "Well...yeah..."
  • "Besides- I'm already married-to this guy" proclaims daisy as she shows carl a wallet size picture of his Dad.
  • Ok. Happy ending time. "Oh, what the hell! sure!" says Daisy, as she throws herself on a 'beating-heart-eyed' Carl, who, in his suspended state of shock can only say,"Ooookay!" Awwwwwww!

    Honestly, I have to say I feel bad for Carl this time. This is one of the few times his death hasin't been from his own stupidity. Poor guy.

Ross Horowitz

  • Carl: If I can't have you, no one can! Carl pulls out cross shaped dagger to kill Daisy with.
  • Carl: There's no reason to live. Carl jumps out of helicopter.
  • Carl: Well, then I'll just suck your blood. Carl opens mouth exposing fangs.
  • Carl: See you in Hell, Daisy! Carl grabs control stick and dives for ground.
  • Carl: I can only find relief in prayer. Pulls out cross. Daisy holding lighter under cross: Oops.
  • Carl: Well, then turn this thing around. Carl grabs and breaks off cross-shaped shaft. Carl: Oops.
  • Carl: After all I've done for you?
  • Carl: Please... Daisy: No. Carl: Pretty please... Daisy: No. Carl: Pretty please with sugar on top...
  • Daisy: And get out of my helicopter. Daisy kicks Carl out of the helicopter.
  • Daisy: Oops Carl, I set you on fire. Carl is on fire.


    I can't believe one of my suggestions actually got picked. So, am I an honorary Travis now, or something?

  • [uncomfortable silence]
  • Carl dies of heartbreak. Poor Carl.
  • Carl Jumps out of helicopter.
  • Carl, dousing himself with gasoline from a can: Only one solution, self immolation.
  • I know this may be against the rules, but, in the spirit of "This is Spinal Tap", have 2 words to say: spontaneous combustion.
  • Carl looks out the window: ooh, a mushroom cloud.
  • Carl: do I smell something burning...?
  • Carl, lighting cigarette. Daisy, is that gasoline I smell?
  • Diamond on ring focuses solar beams. Carl's pants start smoking.
  • Enter Parachuting Monkeys with Flamethrowers! Nuff Said!

    My work here is done. [Flourish]


    Poor Carl!!

  • The ring Carl begins to glow.
  • Carl grabs the controls angrily.
  • Daisy turns into a Skrull.
  • Daisy says, "Cyke!" That would be so creul.

    I made a 24 hour comic, and alas, didn't get it finsihed. I got all the pencils done, but left a few pages un-inked. But I like the extremely irreverent story I came up with. I'd call it a 'successful failure'. It's about a starving writer who, in his struggle to pay the bills and simply stay awake, drinks a lotta coffee! This has disasterous results.

[Sounds like a successful failure to me. Why not ink the last few and we can put yours on the big list! --Scott]

Bill Schlimme

  • Carl: "Daisy, you're flying too high! We're being bombarded by cosmic rays! (Is it hot in here, or is it just me?)"

Lee Edward McIlmoyle

    A little mood change in the car lighting, to accent the approach of the vampire theme.

  • Carl starts to make a romantic move of sorts, looking a little more hormonal than anything else, (heck, overblown lust might even work here; think Tex Avery wolfishness)(but with the vampire thing, I guess) and reaches towards her blouse, to probably discover she is wearing a cross or something. Maybe leave some type of hint to give the next panel continuity of sorts (Hey, it's CARL we're talking about here !). Carl's line would be "NO, not RUIN, just TRANSFORM...heh heh" or something to that effect. Hey, it's my first time... bye.


    i hope this isn't too harsh, but, dammit, i think it's funny.

  • carl: you lousy bitch.

Phredd Groves

    Coming in late... Oh, this is gonna be tough. I don't know that I can come up with something to match carl's "it burns!" panel, so I'll just concentrate on his reaction to Daisy and see what happens.

  • Daisy says, "Much better to make you one of my minions!" as she shows fangs and sinks them into hapless Carl.
  • Carl bursts into tears copious enough to supply niagra falls. "Then I've got nothing left to live for! Waaaaaaah!"
  • Carl: "Then I guess we don't need this priest I brought along." Reaches behind the seat and pulls a man in full clerical garb up by the hair.
  • Carl: "Then I guess we don't need this priest I brought along" - panel shows the helicopter with a man in full clerical garb getting booted out of the copter.
  • "But Daisy..." Tears well up in Carl's eyes, "I'm going to have your baby!"
  • Carl, smiling, tosses away the ring: "Oh OK. Let's go hit the liquor store!"

    OK, I did try to have something to segue to in a couple of these. I hope someone else comes up with something brilliant though.

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