Full Name: SKU #0635-588367-9402

Appearances: Issues #1-6, 9-27, 36 and "Hearts and Minds."

RodneyTech's popular "Blue Butler" model is a best-selling household appliance on Zot's world, but Peabody's personality was definitely not included in the original software package.

Peabody became one of Zot's surrogate parents after Zot's real parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was just eight years old. Gradually, as Zot grew older, Peabody's relationship with him evolved from guardian to manservant, but thanks to Max's hacking, Peabody has never been particularly... servile.

Despite his domestic origins, Peabody is an expert marksman and has the strength of ten. He is also unfailingly loyal and will whip the butts of anyone who tries to hurt his young master.

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