Full Name: J9AC9K

Appearances: Issues #2, 5-6, 9, 23-27.

The most infamous assassin in the galaxy was originally the astral projection of Sir John Sheers; a stylish, well-mannered fixture of British and American society for many years. Having died in battle with Zot in issue #25 Sheers no longer guides the assassin's moves but Sheers' personality "lives on" in 9-Jack-9.

Type the letters "J9AC9K" into a blank document on any computer in the galaxy and Jack will appear before you. If you can afford his astronomical price, he will kill anyone of your choosing. Jack can possess and travel through any form of electronic device or signal. He kills quickly, efficiently and without emotion. Jack has no need of money, but expects payment as a matter of principle.

Zot's parents were just two of Jack's many victims.

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