Full Name: Victor Knight Taylor

Appearances: Issues #1-10, 12-13, 15-18, 21-22, 26-27.

Zot's friend Vic is a master game player, but in the Key Storyline (Zot! #1-10), an interstellar game of intrigue nearly got him killed. Discovering a plot to begin a holy war between Earth and Sirius IV, Vic stalled the plan by taking the fabled Key to the "Doorway at the Edge of the Universe" and eventually led Zot and the people of Sirius IV to discover the truth and defeat the conspirators.

Vic is as unpredictable as Zot is straightforward. He shares his friend's keen sense of justice but doesn't see himself as a full-time hero, preferring to stick to the safe, virtual battles of the arcade -- for now.

Like Jenny, Vic is both loyal to and honest with Zot and will let his friend know when he's being a blockhead.

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