Full Name: Joshua Matthew Hacker

Appearances: Issues #11-12, 17-22, 26-27.

In Zot! #3, I had Zot refer to Vic as his "third best friend" because I thought the idea of him ranking his friends was funny. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to introduce at least a couple of other friends. Thus entered Hacker and Digger in issue #11.

Hacker got his name in 1987, when the word didn't have the criminal association it would later acquire, but yes, he does spend a lot of time with computers and is very smart.

Vic has since risen to #1 best friend after the key story, Hacker is #3 and Digger is #4. Meanwhile, Zot's #2 best friend hasn't seen Zot since her family moved across the Galaxy shortly before Zot met Jenny. Perhaps I'll introduce her sometime.

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