Full Name: Harold Czentorychy Garfinkle.

Appearances: Issues #16, 26-27 and "Hearts and Minds."

As news coverage on Zot's Earth has became increasingly informative, comprehensive and responsible, a flock of so-called "Bad" news outlets have rushed to fill the vacuum with less demanding fare.

The trend began when bootleg videotapes of local news reporting on our Earth began to slip into circulation among TV producers on Zot's world. Impressed by the comic timing, absurd dialogue and gallows humor of the broadcasts, they created several news shows designed to emulate them. Chet Barker's "Megalopolis at Five" was the most popular.

So far, Jenny has been unable to convince Chet, or anyone else on Zot's Earth that the broadcasts on her world were, in fact, designed to be taken seriously.

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