June-July 2006: Still NOT on tour, but...

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design followed by Comic-Con International in San Diego. Everybody thinks we're already on tour but this is just a pre-tour trip (the real tour begins September 5).

Sky, you will note, does not smile for pictures, but has been known to smile at other times when no one is looking.

Arriving at MCAD:

The Basic Seminar:

Meeting the Gaimans between teaching (MCAD had the week of July 4 off):

At the drive-in and other pastimes:

Back at MCAD for the Advanced Seminar:

2:00 am: Winter with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls after the "F**k the Back Row" concert in downtown Minneapolis.

The whole family's been enjoying and (*gulp*) singing along with both DD albums on this trip.

We are bad, bad parents.

A weird caterpillar and various family poses on the grass (with new hair colors!):

And finally, down to San Diego for Comic-Con and the family panel where Sky and I presented, Ivy moderated and Winter took questions. Standing room only and a very happy crowd. More details later.

Sunday dinner and Ice Cream with Dave McKean and family

Then back north to home by way of LA -- with Heidi MacDonald! On the road, we get a call from Neil that he's going to be at LAX, so a dinner is arranged at The Encounter Restaurant -- a groovy, retro-futuristic disc of a thing perched on a tower right in the middle of the airport. There we waited for Mr. G...

...who arrived after about 30 minutes...

...and dining continued into the cool LA night.

(Except not so cool because it was about 100 degrees that day.)

[Note: For news of the real tour once it begins, be sure to check our new livejournal community.]