This Saturday!

Be sure to check for events in your area at ComicsPro’s official site and check out my own info page about the 24 Hour Comic and its history here.

I’ll be drawing all day myself, though on the graphic novel (my reward for having started the ball rolling all those years ago is that I only had to do it once) but if you’ve never tried the 24 hour comics challenge, I do recommend it.

For those coming in late, I started the challenge in 1990, but it was Nat Gertler who first came up with the idea of a 24 Hour Comics Day in 2004 to promote an anthology I edited. In 2008, Nat handed it off to ComicsPro.

One of my favorite aspects of my weird little inventions is the way they tend to take on a life of their own over time. This one definitely qualifies.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. Yes, it´s like a living being. And have been making me happy for 4 years now. I love 24HCD !!!

  2. Oh no! Here we go again!

    My wife is going to kill me!

    Fuck that. LET’S ROCK!!!

  3. Brian says:

    I am so in- I’m actually cooking up a little somethin-somethin for Saturday, and I can’t wait to get it started.

  4. Brian says:

    I am so in. I’m super-stoked for my project.

  5. AJ says:

    I’ve only done 1 and a half before but I’m definitely makin it sweet this time!

  6. Mathew New says:

    Maybe this will be the year I try it.


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  8. […] mentioned last Tuesday, I’m just a bystander this year, but good luck to all those participating today. […]

  9. DN says:

    Oh no! Here we go again!
    My wife is going to kill me!

    Fuck that. LET’S ROCK!!!

  10. Aya R. says:

    Just came back from a 24 HR Comics Day; I am adding watercolors to the story I finished. This year, we didn’t get kicked out at 3AM by the police.

    It makes for a less exciting report then last year. Still, I think participants can concentrate better, if they don’t have to worry whether drawing comics will bring law enforcers upon them. For instance, this year, some people were inspired to draw comics on slices of bread with felt tip pens. Or maybe that had something to do with not getting enough sleep, or the event being hosted at MIT.