24 x 6,935

In honor of 24-Hour Comics Day, here’s an old photo of Ivy and me I just received, via my Aunt Pat, dating from around the period over 19 years ago, when the first 24-hour comic was drawn in our Somerville, Massachusetts apartment.

As mentioned last Tuesday, I’m just a bystander this year, but good luck to all those participating today. You’re about to scale the Mount Everest of comics. Don’t forget to breath!

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Mathew New says:

    Happy 24 Hour Comic Day! I ended up chickening out. Maybe next year, if I have less homework to do.

  2. You two were *and* are a very cute couple, maestro. One that gives us all hope that it is possible to be a cartoonist *and* happily married.

    But shouldn’t you be drawing by now? The clock is ticking!

    What, what am I doing here? I have 8 more pages to pencil! GAHHH

  3. DF says:

    Ha! What a cool picture!

  4. Azad says:

    Wow, I always saw Ivy’s resemblance to the girls but it’s really evident here 🙂

  5. Brian says:

    I’m in the middle of drawing my comic right now- best of luck to the rest of the participants!

  6. Theo Macdonald says:

    I did it, and finished at two in the morning, NYC time. I live New Zealand so went from 7:28 Saturday to 7:28 Sunday, but finished my last page an hour deadline. This was my second 24 hour comic, but last time was earlier this year.

  7. Mallinz says:

    Whoa.It’s 24 Hour Comic Day?Must start!

    Wow.You guys are so young in that picture….

  8. Scott says:

    Via Twitter, @Lea_Ada_Franco checks in:

    “1st ALL IPOD-produced 24hr Comic complete & ready 4 reading”

    It’s adorable!

  9. Scott says:

    Oh, and Nat Gertler reports:

    “This guy is acting as writer for the 24 hour plays… then, once handing the script to the actors, spending the rest of the 24 hours turning the script into a comic.”

  10. Mathew New says:

    You’re going to be at my college tomorrow!!

  11. Mallinz says:

    Did I just miss it,or did you forget to mention reviewing the Astro Boy movie?