And Now I’m 50

As of a minute ago.

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  1. Happy birthday, Scott! Keep rockin’ it, man. 🙂

  2. HiNO says:

    congrats, sir! =)
    ur books’ve been very useful to me. Got a couple of’em

  3. D é r k o m a i says:

    Happy birthday, Scott, and may you continue to grace us with great comics insight for another — at LEAST — 50!

    I’m not sure where I would be without your books, I really don’t. Somewhere without pictures, possibly no words, and not as juxtaposed as I would currently appreciate.

  4. Wannabe_Marysue says:

    Happy birthday, Scott! http://i48.tinypic.com/8yzw8z.png

  5. Andy says:

    Happy Birthday, Scott McCloud. May the next half-century hold even more adventures than the last.

  6. Happy birthday sir, keep showing us the way!

  7. Dennis! says:

    Congratulations. You look more like a 48 year old though.. 😉

  8. thirtyseven says:

    Happy birthday sir!
    Without your inspiring work my superhero photocomic Union of Heroes would not exist – so thank you very much and heroic regards from Germany!

  9. Dirk Deppey says:

    Congratulations and stuff!

  10. Alec Holowka says:

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the great thoughts. 🙂

  11. Nice! You know, you look nothing like your pictures?

    I fancy someone had to say that. I could be wrong.

  12. David Goldfarb says:

    Wow…it’s been a long time since Kathy Li first recommended _Zot!_ to me.

    Happy birthday!

  13. Overglued says:

    happy birthday Scott! keep up the good work

  14. AKMA says:

    You’re always young in your books, Scott — have a great next half-century!

  15. wow, man, happy birthday:) Yesterday i turned 33 😀 nice:)

  16. Happy birthday, Scott! Keep up your great work.

  17. how many of your peers have such a close relationship to their twelve year old selves? If it seems like a lot to you it’s only because of the peers you surround yourself with.
    Besides we who look at you as a guru need you to be appropriately aged

  18. Welcome to Club Fifty, Mr McC!

  19. Brad Brooks says:

    Happy birthday Scott!

    50, eh? Doesn’t life begin at 50 these days? 🙂

  20. Roberto says:

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
    So you are celebrating from the very first minute 🙂

  21. Hippy Bathday Scott! Now that you’re in your fifties you can say whatever the hell you feel like and no-one can stop you. Growing up is awesome!

  22. Ste Hitchen says:

    Happy Birthday Mr McCloud

  23. futuretense says:

    Here’s for the next 50! Have a great day sir.

  24. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for the knowledge and the inspiration!

  25. SHOENJUMPBOY says:

    Happy birthday scott!

  26. I read your books as a teenager and I’m 32. So what the hell are you expecting? 😉

    Happy birthday! And I’m eagerly awaiting your graphic novel!

  27. Dan Goldman says:

    Happy birthday, Scott! That photo is priceless; have a great day and a new decade filled with adventures and magic.

  28. Sabrina says:

    Happy Birthday and all the best for the next 50! 😀

  29. darrylayo says:

    Hee hee! Happy birthday, clock-watcher!

  30. Sophie Reboud says:

    Happy birthday Mr McCloud, you are opening the road in many ways…

  31. Laroquod says:

    Happy birthday! I turn 41 tomorrow… how’s the whether up front there? 87

  32. Magus says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. McCloud. Here’s to 50 more years of comic book literary criticism!

  33. John says:

    Happy Birthday, Scott! You’ve done well with your first half century.

  34. Somehow 50 doesn’t seem so scary now. Happy Birthday!

  35. Christy Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday! And many happy trails! ((^_^))

  36. Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great cake! And thanks for all the advice (from your books) 🙂

  37. Mike L says:

    Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope you and the family make a big deal of it. Ignore the numbers. They don’t mean a thing. Besides, I’m only five years behind. :”D

  38. David says:

    Hope you have a great birthday Scott!

  39. Ffree says:

    Happy Birthday. (another 5 and you can get the senior discount)
    Let me know when you grow up.

  40. Brandy says:

    You’re only fifty? But you’re so useful! Happy Birthday!

  41. Chiron says:

    Happy Birthday!!! =D
    Don’t look so depressed. Men don’t get old, they just become wise.
    Have a nice party, lots of cakes and presents!

  42. howefitz says:

    Happy Birthday, Scott! Let me chime in with the others and add my appreciation for all of your work. (Even Reinventing Comics!)

  43. claynferno says:


  44. poteet91 says:

    in 2 days, i’m 38, happy birthday….

  45. Scott says:

    Wow!! Woke up to 45 birthday wishes. Thanks, Everyone!

  46. Randall Drew says:

    Happy birthday! Here’s to another 50 years of inspiring and thoughtful comics!

  47. Happy birthday, Scott! Here’s to the next 50!

  48. Stephen says:

    Happy birthday! I’ll gladly join the chorus and thank you for all your inspiring work. Thanks for pouring so much study and passion into an art form that so many of us love. Hope this is the best year yet!

  49. Steve Weiner says:

    Happy Birthday Scott–you look so lifelike & well preserved!

  50. Shawn says:

    Woot. Happy birthday, Scott.

  51. If 50 scares you, then just tell everyone that you are 49.95 plus shipping & handling. 🙂 happy birthday!

  52. Happy birthday!!

  53. […] Happy Birthday Scott McCloud! Posted on June 10, 2010 by Costa The comic genius who brought us Understanding Comics (a book I consider one of my own personal Bibles) turned 50 today. […]

  54. david renó says:

    happy 50th turn around the sun!

  55. mkhall says:

    Happy birthday, sir! Congratulations on catching up with me. Now we just need to wait for that Gaiman fellow to catch up in November….

  56. -PookeyG- says:

    Well you certainly LOOK a half-century wiser!

  57. James P says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  58. Virus says:

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!

  59. Hi says:

    Ahh. Your second half of a century begins in 4 hours. Happy Birthday. Love, Sis

  60. skooks19 says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for continuing to inspire me to pursue the arts!

  61. Miguel says:

    Happy birthdate from spain

  62. Javier says:

    Happy birthday, now from Mexico. Congratulations, you are a great teacher.

  63. Eewo says:

    Happy Birthday! One benefit of being an artistic icon is that you will always be that young guy in the big white glasses from your books. (Anyway, 50 is still young, in my eyes).

  64. Kennan says:

    Happy birthday, and congratulations on your first half-century. How’s the second one going?

  65. Sandra says:

    Congratulations, you made it!

  66. Happy Birthday Scott! Hope you are doing fun things and eating cake.

    As I close in on 40 I have been thinking about the six or seven comics I want to do once True Loves 3 is done, and by my calculations, I will be in my 50s by the time I get them all finished!

  67. John says:

    In a way, I’m reminded of Harvey Pekar. I hope you’re just as industrious! (in a good way, of course!)

  68. Happy Birthday Master Scott Mccloud! you changed my academic life and how to see the comics. Tranks for all.I have prepared this gift for you: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lkqJI0LIvhY/TBGXUhpwkHI/AAAAAAAAIvw/Y5J1sB83KXs/s1600/SCOTT+MCCLOUD.jpg.

  69. Happy 50th! Hope you had a great one!

  70. A little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old friend.

  71. Scott says:

    Thanks again, Everybody, for all the well wishes. ^__^

    I think this is our longest comment thread ever here on the blog. I’ll have to turn 50 at least once a week from now on.

  72. Steve McNabb says:

    i was celebrating my anniversary at the exact same moment. as long as you are pacific time. happy days ahead.

  73. tigertail777 says:

    Happy late Birthday Scott! Another Gemini… I might have surmised as much. I just had my 38th birthday on June 3. May you rock on for 50 more. 🙂

  74. Odd how my latest class project was based on Making Comics and handed in last Wednesday, and yet I didn’t know it was your birthday the next day! Happy belated, dear sir.

  75. Morgan says:

    The one day I decide to be productive at work, and see what I miss? Happy belated birthday. Your avatar doesn’t look a day over 40.

  76. Matthew Marcus says:

    You know, you’re so found of the cool “looking over your glasses” shot, it’d be nice to see the occasional pupil in your avatar. Just for a change of pace.

    And Happy Birthday. 🙂

  77. Brandy says:

    I hope this new decade treats you and your very well!

  78. Toiim says:

    Happy birthday, and thankyou for sharing your knowledge with me, it’s helps a heap!