The Spring Challenge

First reader to find the secret message wins.

[Warning. Read comments first. And notice the date.]

Discussion (22)¬

  1. cDave says:

    No cheating and looking at the filename now 😉

  2. Kyle Latino says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “APRIL FOOLS”.

    I was awake for 5 seconds, and my Mom already yelled from across the room, “DON”T USE THAT CREAMER! IT’S SPOILED!” so I ended up just spilling it everywhere but the coffee cup. She got me, but gal-danget, she’s the only one today.

  3. ACGalaga says:

    YaY!!! I think I got it!

  4. Tom says:

    April Fool’s?

  5. Mike L says:

    Which is the joke, the message or the prize? :”D

  6. And now it’s time for April Fools’ Day moment of truth:
    So when Scott McCloud came to UVA, I arrived on the early side and sat near the front of the auditorium. Mr. McCloud said something about the T-shirt I was wearing. I hesitated, awkwardly, and made what I hope was a pleasant but non-committal (and probably still awkward) reply. I was UTTERLY BAFFLED by his words.

    Some time later, I realized he must have mistaken what I was wearing for some other cartoon character.

    Thus ends today’s installment George Austin’s Stories of Acting the Fool.

    • Scott says:

      I see Totoro now, but I might have thought Cheshire Cat. Hmm…

      (unless you made the whole thing up just now — for REVENGE!)

      • I think my revenge was helping Mr Bound introduce you to Dragonforce. I’m sure other things in life seem drab after knowing the “extreme power metal” sub-genre and its pioneers, mwa ha ha!

  7. JFPoulin says:

    Gaaa I can never see anything in these… what does it says for my brain? Am i stupid?

  8. Ammcc says:

    this is not a joke: I woder what do you think of the job of Hans Rosling and of gapminder.org. I guess that it could be out among those uses of graphics that can help us visualizing informations and see the world with our own eyes. People never understand why I think that this has something to do with comics, but I hope that at least someone of you, people of the scottmccloud.com, can understand it! If you can’t, smth must be fixed in my head…

  9. larrymarder says:

    It very clearly says “I’m a happy, happy Sprout-Butt.”
    Anyone could see that!

  10. Jacob says:

    Is it an ear ? : ( I’m so paranoid! Whatever I do i could be wrong! I could guess and there could be no message or I could not guess thinking that it’s a joke and never find the message that is in fact there! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  11. Oh, I see what you did there – despite having spent the last few minutes crossing my eyes around trying to perceive the fake stereogram >_< until I realized thus:

    “Look not at the gibbersh stereogram I bring you today, but at the April Fool’s nod the actual picture’s filename leads towards.” That’s quite the insight.

    You sir, just caught me for a fool:
    Hope you’re proud of yourself.