Friday Round-Up: Cattoos and a Sandy Eggo

Cat Garza has kicked off “Flash Fridays” with a loving, adorable take on a classic Tattoo motif. Cat’s offering line files for anyone who might want to wear his designs. Keep a watch for more tatoos in the coming weeks.

Cat always called the San Diego Comic-Con “Sandy Eggo,” Larry Marder called it “The Gathering of the Tribes,” and Heidi MacDonald and others have been calling it “Nerd Prom,” but whatever you call it, the greatest of all American comics conventions is drawing near.

We’ll be there, as we have for all but one of the last 21 years, but taking it easy this time around. Mostly just relaxing and seeing friends (though I am a small part of at least one cool panel event I’ll be telling you about soon).

Con passes are — incredibly — sold out already, but if you want them and can’t get them, you may want to follow the Con’s Twitter account where they’ve been announcing official auctions regularly for the few passes they still have.

Oh, and as always, don’t miss Tom Spurgeon’s fantastic, insanely comprehensive 2009 Comic-Con Guide.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. cat garza says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out, Scott! Made my Friday!

    Wish I was able to join you guys in sunny Sandy Eggo this year, but being on the east coast has pretty much killed that dream until I’m rolling the dough someday in the future. Did you get to see Rick Geary’s amazing image he did for the program? Gives me pangs for not being able to attend and makes me all tingly remembering all the good times I had at the con over the years.

    • Scott says:

      Rick’s got us beat though. He remembers the El Cortez days!

      • cat garza says:

        Yeah, I thought you’d catch that. 😉

        Best I can come up with is tales of staying at the Pacifica down the street from the con which has most likely become too expensive for me to ever afford again.

        Happy 4th!

  2. Hey, Mr. McCloud.
    Just oe thing: I guess the right spelling is “tattoo”.