Stop Reading the Reviews —

— start reading the book!

Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli is finally in bookstores everywhere.

I’ll have more to say after I’ve read it a second and maybe third time, but I can tell you already that if you buy one graphic novel this year, this should be it.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. ace1138 says:

    Looks great.
    Mazzucchelli is a great artist
    i want to read this comic.

  2. Mike L says:

    I read it today, though quickly and think it has the depth and detail such that I might actually call it a ‘novel’ (like “Blankets”) instead of a comic ‘novella’ ( as I think of most graphic novels). The ending was a hell of a surprise, that’s for sure! Interesting use of color, styles of drawing and change of fonts (heh). It’s easily the most thought provoking new comic work I’ve seen this year. I’m glad B+N is carrying it without being poked at to do so.

  3. Steve Mackin says:

    Reading it now. Really nice. The blue parts remind me of the Right Number.

  4. Stephanie Fox says:

    I just finished reading the book for the first time. OMG. The ending completely blew me away. This is a must read…at least twice. Calling it a graphic novel doesn’t do it justice. It’s a piece of art.

  5. Steve Mackin says:

    I could not agree more. This book is so beautifully illustrated I can not stop looking at it. I have not finished reading it yet as I am so completely entranced by the artwork.

    It made me revisit Batman Year One. Mazuchelli’s artwork was great then, but he has come so far.

    Hey Scott…any idea how he put this together? I am assuming computers were a big part of the process.