Mr. Farley’s Electronic Graphical Amusements

Patrick Farley’s webcomics have been sorely missed in recent months due to his former domain, e-sheep.com, being hijacked by zombies.

Now he’s restored most of his terrific comics to the newly-minted domain electricsheepcomix.com and added a one-bit placeholder front page that had a lot of us old fogey’s shaking our 5.25 inch floppy bones laughing.

Despite the antique placeholder though, Farley remains one of the most forward-thinking artists in webcomics. Check out his archive if you’ve never seen it, and keep an eye out for new work in the coming months.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. cat says:

    yay! it’s good to see patrick’s work up again. although, it seems folks are a bit confused that they need to click the opening page to get to the archive. which actually reminds me a bit of the old days…

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, in fact, that’s why I directly linked to the archive.
      (Clicking on pictrures? What is this, 2009??)

  2. ace1138 says:

    Thanks for the link! His works is greats.