14 Years Ago Tonight…

Some of you may have caught Neil’s post yesterday:

“The central conceit in the Alfred story in the first part of WHTTCC was something that Kurt and I spun and grew thirteen [fourteen] years ago, almost to the day, during a drive from San Diego to Thousand Oaks to go and be there as Winter McCloud was born (we didn’t know that was what we were going to Thousand Oaks for. I thought I was just going to be taking Scott and a very-pregnant Ivy out to dinner, and it wasn’t until the point of the dinner where she grabbed my arm and had me start timing contractions that the evening got unusual).”

As of this morning, “almost to the day” has become to the day exactly. The night of July 31st was the legendary dinner that led to the birth of daughter #2. Ivy’s wonderful retelling of the story can be found here.

BUT, hold any birthday wishes another day because our girl was born after midnight.

Tomorrow, August 1st is Winter’s official birthday.

Sadly, both girls seem to have the post-Con flu right now, so this weekend’s celebration may be a bit muted, but sick or not, another family milestone is about to pass.

In other news, Maira Kalman has posted another delightful webcomic to the New York Times website; this time a giddy little homage to Ben Franklin and inventors everywhere. (Thanks to Jonny Goldstein and Dean Meyers for the heads-up).

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Michael says:

    I like!!

  2. Kurt Busiek says:

    That was quite a night.

    And who would have thought that all-night convenience stores in Thousand Oaks and vicinity don’t see ginger ale as a staple food…?

  3. Mark Clegg says:

    Why did it take until after midnight to get to the birthing center? Why was Neil unsure where you were at te time of birth? Just curious after reading various accounts.

    • Scott says:

      As Ivy said in her account we arrived before midnight and after some calls to the midwife. The birth was indeed after midnight.

      Not sure I understand the second question. Where does Neil say that in his account?

  4. Mark Clegg says:

    From Ivy’s recent account:
    “It was almost midnight when we arrived at the birthing center. ”

    Since the contractions started during dinner, just how late were you eating? Or how far were you from the birthing center?

    As for Neil, never mind. I may have misconstrued a whimsical comment of his.

    As long as you’re responding, another of my recent casual thoughts: Were you trying to see if you could break every “rule” that might have arisen from Understanding Comics when you came up with The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln?

    • Scott says:

      Dinner did go pretty late, the midwife was about 25 minutes away, and as mentioned, there was calling back and forth to the midwife before we made the drive out.