New Trondheim strips in my iPhone every day for a month? For a buck? I’m there.

Despite the long load times (a problem with all iPhone apps due to the fact that we actually USE the things), I like the format of the comics. They look like they were actually designed for the device instead of repurposed from print.

Also: Trondheim!

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  1. Ave!Comics says:

    the load time is due to the fact that we download the speech bubbles in all 19 languages… we are changing that in a coming update to be submitted to Apple next week. Download times will be 10x faster. 😉


  2. Things I like about Bludzee:

    -The optional autoplay is well done.
    -A non-scrolling vertical layout that actually looks good on the computer! I’m sure it looks even better on the iphone.
    -It’s so darn cute.

  3. Amarand says:

    Loving the artist’s style, wondering if this is available for my Blackberry Storm. One of these days, the iPhone will be available on other networks, and I’ll snatch one up, but for now….

  4. Amarand says:

    I should learn to click and read before I comment:

    “…or on the Internet or BlackBerry”

    By the way Scott, just finished reading Making Comics, and I appreciate having the complete series. I’d put off buying Making for awhile, and then ended up reading it really slowly to digest it, but then I realized that it updates things and is still apropos to every other storytelling medium out there.

    My favorite quote from the book: “Nobody has all the answers, including me, but I think everyone has a piece of the puzzle.” Thanks for keeping it awesome!

  5. Amarand says:

    Ah, and one more comment on this – I promise it will be my last on this posting (sorry for posting three!): when viewing this particular comic on-line, don’t ignore the little floating characters around the periphery of the display window…click them for a surprise!