“3,856 Story Possibilities”

This book is going to be so, so, cool!

Many of us cartoonists already own Jason Shiga‘s original hand-printed version of this insane choose-own-adventure masterpiece (he even has a quote from me), but the idea of a full-out professionally printed version with tabs. Ah, be still my heart…

Best of all is the absolute certainty that whenever we see the number “3,856” used to describe the many branching possibilities, it was Shiga himself that came up with the number and the number’s gonna be correct.

Learn more here and here.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Box Brown says:

    I got this book from Shiga when he did his now legendary sidewalk set up at MoCCA a few years back. Insanely cool.

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  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Scott. Sounds wild.

  4. Sean Barrett says:

    I’d gotten partway through Meanwhile on Shiga’s website back in the day, but never finished it.

    The book is quite delicious and am glad to say I’ve gotten through to the “end” and was quite amazed at how cleverly it paid things off and was a much deeper story than the initial sections had led me to expect.

    I will be buying many copies of this book to give away to my appropriately-minded friends.