Sick day.

Don’t even ask.

In the meantime, though, go read Mike Dawson’s great Troop 142. Now online in its entirety [via Tom].

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  1. Thanks for the link, Scott. Mike Dawson’s Troop 142 is fantastic stuff.

    I noticed something along the way that I’d love to get your opinion on. Mike uses a lot of splash panels as establishing shots, as here early in the Monday chapter: first an exterior shot of the dining hall (http://bit.ly/gjqW9k) followed immediately by an interior shot (http://bit.ly/gM1OTd). There’s a very nice contrast between the exterior and interior, one which brings to mind the actual experience of places like this, where a peaceful exterior conceals an interior bustling with activity.

    But I was also struck that these big panels slowed me down as a reader—in a good way. I found myself lost in the minor details of the second short, thinking about all those other people. The lines of dialogue are about to start a plot loop, but we’ve time somehow, before engaging with that conversation, to pay attention to all the other people in the shot who will be shoved into the periphery once we turn the page.

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    Yikes! Never a dull moment. Get well soon.

  4. Matthew Marcus says:

    Get well soon man. Life seems to have dealt you several health obstacles this year. Hang in their!

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    That was me not asking.