Jumbo Deluxe

Jumbo Deluxe by Portland-based Adrian J. Wallace features some lively stories and engaging characters. It’s a hard strip not to like.

It’s also drawn in an attractive clear-line style. I’m surprised I don’t see more comics sporting this look on the Web since it works well on the screen (Les McClaine’s Johnny Crossbones is the only other one that comes to mind at the moment).

[Update: Other clear-line comics online, pointed out in comments, include Rainbow Orchid and Tozo]

Wallace’s work also falls into the growing roster of kid-friendly strips that might catch on outside of nerd-dom with the right approach.

He’s only posting once a week right now. Maybe, with luck, he’ll find reasons to update more often. Fingers crossed.

[link via David Chelsea’s cool perspective blog]

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Eric Erbes says:

    David O’Connell’s Tozo the Public Servant is another webcomic that benefits immensely from the clear-line style:


    It’s amazing how a seemingly simple inking method can evoke such surreal qualities.

  2. Amanda H. says:

    I’ve never heard of the clear line style.
    I’ve been trying to find an inking style that suits my drawing style since I’m not very good at hatching or shading. :/

  3. Everett says:

    Adrian is a great guy and his comic is terrific!

  4. Adrian says:

    The Rainbow Orchid started out as a webcomic and is another fine example of the clear line style. http://www.garenewing.co.uk/rainboworchid/

  5. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Scott! I frequently check your site to see what webcomics you’re recommending but I never expected to see mine. It’s been a most pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed and gleaned a lot of knowledge from Making Comics and Understanding Comics. Now I’ve got to get around to reading all of Zot.