Working on something…

Okay, this is a lame week, blogging-wise. Sorry!

I’m working on a post about my lettering technique (in Illustrator) and it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped. I’ll have something up tomorrow.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Jared says:

    How funny Scott, I was just looking at UC yesterday and wondering about your lettering. Is that an actual font or is it hand lettered? Will your soon to be posted blog entry answer these exciting questions and more?

    staying tuned…



    • Scott says:

      Actually, Understanding Comics was hand-lettered by Bob Lappan (in ’92, when fonts in comics were pretty rare). Reinventing was an off-the-shelf font (Tekton — not well-liked) and Making Comics was a font adapted by John Roshell from my own hand-lettering.

      I should say that the post I’m working on is about how I prepare the lettering, balloons, and borders in Adobe Illustrator; not about the font itself.

  2. Laroquod says:

    I’m no marketing wiz or anything, but I like to think that there’s no reason one has to blog every day or make apologetic posts for not doing so. Because, you know, we have RSS and all. Maybe my view of this sort of thing is kinda technical and narrow, and far be it from me to claim any sort of qualifications to give advice on blogging success. Let’s just say that I personally would forgive you if you just didn’t post.

    • I agree. No need to apologize. Although I wonder if there’s still people that check every website they like every they instead of using RSS..

      • Matthew Marcus says:

        I still do that. But that’s because I’m lame. I’ve just been checking to see if anyone responded to my Source Code rant.

      • TheOddStrange says:

        Uh… I do that all the time… *cough* embarrasing *cough*
        And yeah, I don’t think you need to post *every day*. You’ll run out of famous mustachioed people sooner or later, unless you grow one yourself and take a picture of it. Then who? The bearded lady?

    • Scott says:

      Actually, I just promised myself to post every Mon-Fri when not travelling, so I suppose I was apologizing to myself.

      Also, in my experience, at least a few do still check manually.

  3. Felipo5 says:

    I look forward to that post! Lettering is such an essential and overlooked craft.