Atwomic: A Twitter Comic?

Stewart K. Moore sends word of a new experiment, via Twitter, to create 100 parallel interpretations of the same story.

He has plenty of info in his blog entry today. The action starts at the comic’s brand new Twitter feed.

In related news: Are hash-bangs really necessary, The Internet? I’ve stripped one out of the above Twitter url, and it still… kinda works, but I just don’t understand why any new innovation (cool javascript tricks) should be allowed to reduce the functionality of a really useful old one (easily shared urls).

[Mom: You can ignore that last paragraph.]

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Scott. It’s easy to get caught up in the technology of a uniform resource locator and to overlook the web’s beauty of information technology static absolute- resource. In an effort to be more resourceful we have let our code, some of it beautiful in and of itself be a hostile take over of our content. A blank page is where we should all begin- not end up.

  2. Things took a viral turn seconds after you posted this Scott, thank you for the support. I’ll keep you posted on how it grows.

    Already we have 21 versions of panel one.
    All the best,

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