Good luck to all the artists at this year’s 24 Hour BD event in conjunction with the international comics festival in Angoulême.

451 Participants… Yikes!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Prims says:

    I did this 24 hour comic, it was the 4th time (here are my pages: http://www.24hdelabandedessinee.com/public/auteurs2012.php?id=11109 ) . It’s always a great challenge, with a lot of stress : the blank pages, the ideas that need to be found quickly, and it is even worst in the middle of the night, when everyone sleeps and you don’t even know how to end your story.
    But every year, I learn a lot of things and I have to face my weaknesses. It’s also a nice subject to discuss with friends that followed the perfomance, live on the webcam.
    Thanks for creating that Scott 🙂

  2. cinselsohbet says:

    Thanks admin güzel resim..