Midnight Movies and Meteor Showers…

…lead to very late mornings.

Gotta get to work, but yes we loved it and can’t wait to see it again.

I’m at Microsoft on Monday (I know, not on the schedule; it all came together kind of quickly) so I might not post for a few days, but will try to offer thoughts on the movie next week.

Meanwhile check out this shot of some adorable cosplayers who were at the Regal in Simi Valley last night. Didn’t get names, but if anyone knows these guys, let us know and I’ll be happy to identify them.

UPDATE!: See comments for full cosplayer I.D.s. Thanks for checking in, Everybody. ^^

Discussion (14)¬

  1. Bob deL. says:

    What will you be doing at Microsoft? My team has been following you, read “Understanding Comics” as a team, can we attend?

  2. Bob deL. says:

    Never mind, found it!

  3. Alberto says:

    Microsoft? Mr. McCloud, you fiend! I liked you better when you were hanging around with Google >_>

  4. jltopkis says:

    Congrats on the Special Thanks in the credits 🙂

  5. Theo Macdonald says:

    I live in New Zealand and saw the movie the day it came out, which for some reason was a day before everywhere else. Two if you take timezones into account.

  6. Will Curwin says:

    It was okay…the books as a whole were better. But this does mean two things though 1)less superhero movies 2)more ‘altertive’ and/or indie based comic movies.

    • Matthew Marcus says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t really see this movie changing the Hollywood-scape much. While we love it and saw it, worse movies have already trumped it in the Box Office.

  7. K says:

    Generally loved it, though I think the game overlay during the final battle went a step too far. Interestingly, the graphic elements from the arcade game where apparently not in the next-to-final cut of the film. Wright getting a bit too carried away, perhaps?

    Even so, really great in every other way. And the juxtaposition of comic elements at key moments – both in terms of the live action comp and the literal comic panels – was dynamic, surprising, and fresh in how this movie handled it.

  8. Odds & Ends. says:

    […] I was looking at Scott McCloud’s site, and he snapped a pic of some cosplayers he spotted while at the theatre to see Scott Pilgrim…and lo and behold, at the bottom center […]

  9. Dana says:

    HI! I’m the Ramona in the picture. :3 I can name everyone for you! Well, except the twins. hahaha Ramona V. Flowers: Dana Williams, Matthew Patel: Alex Varney, Lucas Lee: Matt Silver, Gideon Graves: Parker Sorensen, Scott Pilgrim: Stephen Stann, Kim Pine: Nina Locelsco, Stephen Stills: Tyler Koontz, Hipster Vampire Chicks: Gail Weinstein/Caitlin Postale, Todd Ingram: Mike Hoiland, Envy Andams: Karissa Castellano, Roxy Richter: Anastasia Crittenton.
    I would not have known this was here if it weren’t for Mike Sterling so huzzah for that! Thanks for the pic and shout-out. We all had a blast.