Cartoonists: You Can Do This!

If you can write and draw comics, you can give a great presentation.

Presentation software is incredibly easy to learn. Pick good pictures and some stories to go with them and you’re set. If you’re a little shy, just read one of your comics; maybe one or two panels per slide.

Dave McKean isn’t Steve Jobs or anything in the above video. But compared to 99% of all presenters, he’s mesmerizing. Why? Because his work speaks for itself. And Dave has lots and lots of cool pictures and stories to share.

Pictures blow bulleted lists out of the water, and cartoonist know pictures. Why don’t more of us do this?

Discussion (12)¬

  1. Felipo5 says:

    this was wonderful!! But when will I be invited to guest lecture anywhere??

    • Scott says:

      I’m thinking local conventions to start. Then you could always put clips on your site with contact info if somebody wants you to give talk somewhere.

      It’s not just about getting paid to speak. It’s also about promoting our work wherever we go. Conventions, libraries, bookstores…

    • Jason Alderman says:

      I’d highly recommend signing up to speak at a local grassroots Pecha Kucha (http://pecha-kucha.org/ ) or Ignite (http://ignite.oreilly.com/ ) event–they’re all over the world, so it’s likely you can find one near where you live, and the subjects of the talks are wonderfully eclectic. They’re a great way to meet people, get involved in your community, and flex your comics+presentation skills.

  2. Randall Drew says:

    This happens daily at CCS. It needs to happen more, EVERYWHERE else.

  3. Safa says:

    Wow cool lecture are there any more? Thanks for this Scott

    • Scott says:

      Check out the TED talks for many great lectures. As for other cartoonists, well… Let’s see if anyone else has some suggestions.

    • Scott says:

      Off the top of my head, NYC’s Bob Sikoryak hosted (hosts?) a great “Cartoon Carousel” series featuring a ton of local cartoonists.

      Also Hope Larson, Jim Woodring, and others do the visual performance thing well.

  4. BRENB says:

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for posting our video from Dave’s talk at last years OFFSET. He was 1 of 25 speakers over the weekend and it was a great thrill to meet him and hear (and look at) his presentation. We have posted more of the talks on our channel http://www.vimeo.com/offset with tara mcpherson and james jean on the way. You can see who is on the lineup for this years conference by visiting http://www.iloveoffset.com

  5. chris says:

    actually all of offset’s presentations were excellent
    they are here…
    david shrigley was my favourite.
    chip kidd is also pretty funny…!

  6. Lew Smith says:

    Great vid! I feel like MirrorMask again, now.

  7. BAM says:

    Just had to say, Scott, that I saw you speak at NC State University in Raleigh, NC a couple of years back and was very impressed and inspired. It was also the first place I heard of Scott Pilgrim.

  8. dinesh says:

    yes yes yes!
    thanks for the inspiration :o)