Okay, if this worked, we should now have a fully-functioning blog (comments, archives, etc) thanks to the excellent work of Mr. Tyler Martin who converted my oddball front page into a WordPress Theme in record time. I’m sure we’ll be tweaking a bit this week, but hopefully everything will work like you wacky kids with your goldarned gadgets expect.

And if any of you budding webmasters/hapless cartoonists need similar work done, Tyler’s definitely The Man (everyone agreed when I was asking around and now I can join the chorus). You may also want to check out the great all-in-one solutions of Tyler and John Bintz’s classy ComicPress.

Note: If anything goes wrong, 99 to 1 it was my fault.

Oh, yeah. And um…


I finally joined Facebook and Twitter.

Why yes, I am going straight to Hell. How ever did you guess?

Discussion (19)¬

  1. Ivy says:


    Now that you have gotten this done, don’t forget that we (or at least I) want an RSS feed to LJ, so that we can read you on our friends pages.

  2. Kip Manley says:

    Ah, WordPress. Never could get the hang of it myself.

  3. jltopkis says:

    Testing….Glad to be here.

  4. cat says:

    ah, tyler helped you. nice! he helped me, kurtz, everybody! he’s like flash gordon when queen sings about him – helping every man, woman and child! 😀

    text looks a little weird because this panel is so thin and it’s squashed, but stll nice to see it working!

  5. John Bintz says:

    If there’s that 1 out of 100 chance that we did something wrong, be sure to let us know so we can fix it. 😉

  6. Tim Mallos says:

    Firefox 3.0.6 on XP checks out. Great to see you broadcasting again Scott!

  7. Matthew Marcus says:

    Hey Scott and comics lovers. Love the new blog. Thought I’d share the following. This guy has clearly read your stuff and has some cool ideas of his own:

    • admin says:

      Oh, that one is definitely on my to-be-blogged list, but like Microsoft’s Infinite Canvas, I want to make it a more comprehensive thoughtful post, and right now I’ve been distracted by techy set up stuff.

      Soon though! It’s an interesting experiment.

  8. Welcome to the awesomeness that is comicpress!

  9. Oh, also the site looks awesome. 🙂

  10. Cat is doing a website workshop up here at CCS next week and he sent out a prep email with links to some comics sites using WordPress, including this one. I thought, “I don’t remember Scott using WordPress…” It looks really great! I like how you stayed true to your previous design. Anyway, I’ll be reading!