Friday Round-Up

Some odds and ends:

Monday noon is the deadline to put your name down for my Manhattan Seminar taking place May 1 and 2.

Neil linked to it, so I should also let you know that Why I’m Not Neil Gaiman (2001) is online in case you’ve never read it.

Our old friend Matt (who was totally Thor in the Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society!) has been directing the wonderfully dark and twisted There Will Be Brawl, with co-creator Zach Grafton.

One week until China. Have a great weekend.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. John McLeod says:

    Hi Scott,

    In case you haven’t seen it, there is a long article in the UK Telegraph that mentions your work: “How Comic Books became part of the literary establishment”, by Tim Martin


    • Scott says:

      Thanks, John. Just tweeted that one.

      • John McLeod says:

        tweeted?? … oh yeah. I just realized a couple of weeks ago that our blog’s “relevant articles” links, many with diabolically twisted headlines or silly comments, mean I’ve been “tweetering” for nearly 3 years! Sample at the expense of WaPo’s stuffy pundit Steven Pearlstein follows:

        “A Rare Triumph of Substance at the Summit [when did London liberalize their drug laws?] 4/3”

  2. JFPoulin says:


    Why dont you organize a contest of some sort? hmm maybe around the idea of pushing the limits of page setup further? just a tought..

  3. Love the Neil Gaiman comic!

  4. larrymarder says:

    Scott….one more thing vis a vis China….
    I know you are probably prescription drug averse so I suppose Ambien for jetlag is a non-starter suggesion. That said, for a long time I used Melatonin for jetlag per my family physician’s rec. It’s non-prescription, non-narcotic, non-habit forming, and sold in the vitamin supplement sextions of the supermarket or drug store. I used to take the 3 mg pills. I was told a secret to put it under my tongue and let it dissolve there. It was quite effective. Look it up and take a bottle along. You won’t regret it.
    Have fun over there!

    • cat says:

      melatonin is a pretty magnificent all natural sleep aid. for sure.

    • Scott says:

      I do use Tylenol’s Simply Sleep (Diphenhydramine HCl) for Jet Lag prevention, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Sky might be more comfortable with Melatonin, though.