On the Creative Process

Beaver and Steve creator James Turner offers his take on the creative process and yeah, sometimes that’s just how it is. 

[Thanks to Dirk Deppey at Journalista for the link (crediting Xaviar Xerexes).]

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Buddy says:

    Speaking of the creative process, Scott, I am sort of new to the whole creating comics thing and was wondering when you are thinking of stories like ones for Zot! do you envision your characters as static images or three demensional beings in their own world? I don’t know if that makes any sense, but was curious because I see my characters in 3D and moving and figured that was where the whole choosing the right moment to draw from “Making Comics” was about.

  2. Steve Mackin says:

    “I certainly don’t want to spend the next four months drawing nothing at all”. It’s funny cuz it’s true. Sometimes you pound the pavement and sometimes laundry starts piling up on your drafting table. I try to write or draw for at least an hour a day now, even if it’s just nonsense. At least I’m doing something.

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