Know any Italian?

I saw some great new work in Barcelona that was published in Spanish, but hadn’t been translated into English yet (don’t have those books at hand at the moment, so I’ll save them for another post). 

Meanwhile, though, one small press comic that caught my eye while in Spain was actually from an Italian cartoonist living and studying in Barcelona named Giulia Sagramola. It was called Riunione di Famiglia and if you know any Italian, you can tell me if the story is any good, but I liked the art and storytelling.

Turns out there’s more at her site, including intriguing short subjects in varying styles, with tantalizing descriptions in English. The story Perchè non ballate? sports the following note (I’ve repaired the syntax a bit):

Graduation project: a study about comics storytelling.

“Why don’t you dance?” is a beautiful Raymond Carver novel I’ve asked to 4 friends to read and to summarize ìn their own ways. Then I’ve anaylized the texts and used them to draw my comics. The results are 4 versions of the same story drawn and composed in 4 different ways.

The project wants to analyze the grammar and composition of comics pages. I collected the 4 exercises in a book that I designed and structured with a written part introducing comics history and its language evolution. 

This project is looking for a publisher, if you are interested in please contact me! 

You heard her.

Milk and Mint also looks really cool, though if she had any in Barcelona, I don’t recall. Hmm. Time to look through the bags…

Fortunately, for us language-impaired Angloids, you can read her short diary comic Cosas Raras in English at grandpapier.org.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Luca says:

    The story ‘Riunione di Famiglia’ is a pretty good short, though kinda sad.
    It tells the story of a granddaughter wondering why her grandmother goes so often to the cemetery where her parents and first son are buried. It goes through the common chores of changing flowers and cleaning the pictures — if you were Italians those (both the menial tasks and the granddaughter wondering the grandmother’s reasons) would certainly ring a familiar bell.
    The story ends with the grandmother meeting various persons, whom she doesn’t know or doesn’t recollect and the granddaughter understanding that for her grandmother going to the cemetery is like going to a family reunion (riunione di famiglia).
    As I said, it’s pretty sad.

  2. Luigi says:

    Hi scoot i am italian too!

    if u made me a little portait i can translate for you…

  3. Two excelent fumetti: Ken Parker and Dylan Dog.

  4. Thank you for this post Scott, was really really apreciated, it’s an honour you like my work. Has Luca says, it’s a pretty sad story, but was very important to narrate for me.
    I’ll translate it in english and I’ll send you to let you see if the logic of the phrases is correct, sorry but my english is going to mixing with french/italian/spanish synthxis and it’s becoming horrible!!

    thank you again for the support… was a good thing to find this morning when I woke up 🙂

    Luca grazie per l’aiuto, I hope you liked my sadly sad story

  5. spleenal says:

    Loved your right number strips.
    Great writing and great system.