Want to Read a Story?

Since the last couple of posts were about searching for fragments of a cartoonist’s work online, here’s a cartoonist who’s been putting up whole stories for a while: Kris Dresen.

Dresen recently uploaded a brand new story She’s in the Trees, her first in color. It’s a beautiful short, wordless tone poem you could probably squeeze in before the boss comes back from the bathroom.

And if you have a bit more time to spend, I can highly recommend Dresen’s earlier story Grace, also available online (some nudity and adult themes). It’s a full-fledged story (with words even) I enjoyed when it was being serialized, but I’m glad to link to now that it’s finally complete.

Good stories, good storytelling, and smart, easy-to-read formats. And you can even order the print versions here if you like.

Thank you, Ms. Dresen.

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  1. San says:

    Sorry to bother if this is not the right place, but has anyone pointed you to this yet? http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1486 . The guy from MSPaint Adventures does a guest strip for Dinosaur Comics, in which he turns the strip into a Choose Your Own Adventure (of sorts), by virtue of .GIF format.

  2. Steve Mackin says:

    Thanks Scott. I need something else to spend money on.

    Really beautiful work. I love the way she uses greys and reds. Reminiscent of The KIndly Ones, maybe because of the crows.

  3. I get a Kindly Ones vibe too, from the hair mostly.

    I love the more subtle use of color in this comic. Like on her face and on the bandages. Really beautiful work.

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  5. Tom Savas says:

    The hair absolutely! I’ve always admired her subtle ability to evoke emotion with the character’s eyes. Look at that raven another time. It knows exactly what’s going on.

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