Searching for Shawn Cheng

One of the cooler mini-comics I got at TCAF last month was The Would-Be Bridegrooms by Shawn Cheng. Looking at it this morning, I noticed a url on the back page and thought maybe I could link to an online version. But the link was to PartykaUSA.com which redirected to a “Daily Drawings” page which featured a number of artists including Shawn, and which, if I clicked at top could get me to a page where I could order Shawn’s mini-comics and the mini-comics of other interesting artists.

Okay. Partially useful.

Still, I wanted to show you guys some of Shawn’s comics, so I found a link to shawncheng.com in a sidebar on Partyka. Unfortunately, when I visited Shawn’s page, all the links seem to be to stand-alone images. Nothing to read, but at least it’ll give you some idea of Cheng’s visionary style.

Oh, and this might be Shawn’s Facebook page. nope.

Some cartoonists excel at promoting themselves online, providing one-stop portals with complete stories and tons of information. Some are more modest (or less comfortable making websites) and require a little more digging. And some may prefer to be elusive and cryptic for reasons they’re unlikely to ever explain.

I guess it takes all kinds, but as a part-time blogger, that first group sure makes my life easier.

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  1. Isaac says:

    This page has some information about his available minis, and sample pages for most if not all of them.

    It’s also got books by Matt Wiegle, who is also an excellent and interesting cartoonist. John Mejias is no slouch, either. Partyka puts on a great show.

  2. Isaac says:

    Also, I don’t do Facebook, but I’m pretty sure that’s not Shawn’s page you’re pointing to. The guy in the picture doesn’t look much like him at all.

  3. Jennifer says:

    That was one of my favorite minicomics that I picked up at TCAF too – it’s so beautifully detailed and also hilarious! I really like the stitching too.

  4. ryan says:

    Shawn Cheng does really wonderful work!
    Photos and images from his The Good Samaritan are at this TCAF goods post:

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