Thank you, The Internet!

So, no sooner do I post about my search for some Shawn Cheng comics you could read online, when Shawn contacts me and graciously offers to put all of his great mini The Would-Be Bridegrooms online in a great click-through format. Read it, thank him, buy things. All is right with the world.

And as long as I’m following up on earlier posts, y’gotta love this miniature masterpiece by Mr. Turner. Though y’gotta read it TWICE to know why.

Oh, and Bryan Lee O’Malley is offering his full third Kupek album for free. (I thought it was great, but don’t tell him; we don’t want him to stop making comics.)

So, yeah. Good stuff this week! Way to go, The Internet.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. jorgito says:

    webcomics lack portability. it would be great if these webcomics were tranferable to iphones; ipod. I’d pay for that I’ve downloaded (and paid for) a couple motion comics, but not the same thing. (BTW – big fan of your work.

  2. Lori says:

    I’d look at these comics but I’m still obsessed with ToneMatrix.

  3. Nerd Observation on Mr. Turner’s masterpiece.

    I love that what you have here is essentially two characters jumping through time in different patterns, and yet each character is unaware of the leaps he is taking, expereinceing time as a single continuous line.

    And the time loop with the towel is great.

    This just in: Comics prove that time is fluid, yet static?

  4. Jon Witmer says:

    Thank you, The Internet, and thank you, Scott. It’s terrific to see The Would-Be Bridegrooms online.

  5. […] (Above: panel from the mini, ©2008 Shawn Cheng. Link via Scott McCloud.) […]

  6. […] guess the great thing about being Scott McCloud is that if you just mention that you would like to see something, the creator goes ahead and puts it up on the web. […]

  7. marius says:

    Nice site you’ve got here Mr. McCloud. Your earlier works are being taught to Comparative Literature students in the Philippines.

  8. marius says:

    I forgot to mention which particular work; your piece on the creation of comics, to be specific. The younger communities in the Philippines (at least the older, savvier ones) hold your work as the main jump-off point for critical analysis of graphic literature.