Drawn when I was 15

Bigger version here. Mostly I was just copying Dave Cockrum’s style.

This was done for a role-playing game Kurt Busiek and I were working on in middle school.

Kurt and I played D&D, read comic books, and quoted Monty Python routines a lot. We were involved in comics fandom partially as a way to hone our skills for our eventual careers in comics. Mostly, of course, we were in it for the ladies.

Discussion (33)¬

  1. I love this drawing so much, I can’t even fully express it!

  2. Jacob says:

    Are these you and Kurt’s original super heros?

  3. JFPoulin says:

    Haha same profil here. AD&D pizza and lots of movies with the friends! 🙂

    And drawing for me.. a lot..

  4. KPLT says:

    The ladies would love this to no end.

    Oh yes.

    Great drawing, though! Well executed.

  5. Håkan, Sweden says:

    Drawn ladies are almost as good as real ones. 😉 Btw, I recall some Captain America drawings from your pen published in The Comics Journal, or something.

  6. Rosscott says:

    The ladies love artists. Just not comics ones 🙂 .

  7. So, did the ladies thing work out OK? 😀

    • Scott says:

      Worked 12 years later.

    • Kurt Busiek says:

      There were various parties we attended late in our high school days where attractive young women would sit in our laps and nuzzle us as a way of getting us to shut the hell up about comic books and join the party.

      So I guess you could say it worked, even then!

  8. Salvador Dali meets the Avengers. 🙂

  9. ace1138 says:

    Nice draw!

    Kang the Conqueror=Ranma Tut=Inmortus=Iron Lad=Scarlet Centurion=¿Salvador Dali?


  10. Ivy says:

    And if you had shown me this when I first met you, it would have been even longer before you got the girl. No, I’m kidding, I think it’s awesome. I remember watching you and Kurt playing your super-hero D&D games and thinking how wonderful it was that you could be so dorky.

    And I was quoting Monty Python and playing D&D as well, so I guess I was just as dorky. So, probably doesn’t count then…

  11. Andrew says:

    Man, you drew better at 15 than I can draw at 30… And I’ve tried for 18 years.

  12. Scott says:

    Sadly, though, in many respects, I’m not sure I’m drawing all that much better now!

  13. I wish I could have drawn like that when I was 15 years old!
    I was lucky if I could draw my stick figures properly….

  14. Kyle Latino says:

    Watch out, lady on Kang’s middle finger! Cap is throwing his shield at you from behind!

  15. Steve Mackin says:

    Sounds like you and Kurt were getting laid just about as much as me when I was in high school.

  16. Rafero says:

    Hope I get to 15 soon!
    (despite I’m 21 now…)

  17. Tomahawk009 says:

    Is this done with Prismacolor pencils? That brings back memories for me too!

  18. Lori says:

    <3 <3 <3

  19. There is a little logo on the bottom and the date


    What’s the logo?

  20. Håkan, Sweden says:

    I think the Captain America pic was an illustration in the TCJ McCloud feature issue, btw. (In connection with Understanding Comics, I think. It also featured Terry Zwigoff and Kim Deitch. Can’t find the issue now, maybe it’s in the attic.)

  21. It’s better than how I draw now!

  22. DKK says:

    This could totally be in Kramer’s Ergot.

  23. Fahad says:

    You’re better than me at 15, and that was two years ago.