See-Through Comics

Here’s a cool idea I haven’t seen before. Pat Race, one of our gracious hosts when we visited Juneau during the 50 state tour, has posted a “see-through” comic on his site.

As Pat explains it, you can download and print a 2-sided pdf, read the front page, then hold it up to the light so that the backside shows through and literally see the comic in “a new light.” There’s a flash version too, though the effect is a bit different.

It’s a nice trick, giving a new dimension to a charming, if melancholy, short subject.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Cool!

    I wonder if smell-o-vision comics have come out…
    I like the slightly canted panels in the middle there, too.

  2. They had a page using that technique in Rising Stars. Oddly enough, the things on the other side of the page were ghosts there, too.

  3. Michael M. Butler says:

    Heh. I miss gyros and I’m still alive. My mom would have had the same reaction. Melancholy? Maybe. I’d call it Blakean, but not bleak. But thanks for the pointer; I liked it.

  4. jltopkis says:

    Oh man, I loved that comic. Very cool idea. Fun stuff.

  5. Yellowman92 says:

    Great idea!

    This is a nice example that it’s important try new things on comics.


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