NEWSFLASH: Large Company Buys Smaller Company

This is bound to affect all of us in comics eventually, but I have to say that for now it seems strangely remote.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Michael says:

    It still seems a bit surreal. I didnt know that Marvel only had 300 employees. it just semms like a big chunk of my world, and particularly, my childhood, has forever changed.

  2. Jacob says:

    What are they eve gonna do with Marvel?
    Are they just gonna let them do what they’ve always done only with a Disney logo on the front?

  3. Thom says:

    I doubt we’ll see a Disney logo prominantly displayed on the comics. The announcement is not that Marvel is disolving and changing it’s name (Disney is far to smart for that). The comics are most likely going to look the same.

  4. I’ve read multiple assurances that Marvel will keep doing pretty much the same thing. Disney bought it to get into the older teen market, since Disney primarily targeted pre-teens. Marvel was actually a rare anomaly in its former independence from giant media conglomerates. Time Warner owns DC.

  5. Cary Gillenwater says:

    Disney and Marvel have released a slew of press that they will give Marvel its autonomy like with Pixar. Which is fine; however, in the relatively recent past, one may recall Disney and Pixar’s relationship was not so peachy, because Disney was trying to muscle in too much. If history repeats itself, which it tends to do, down the road will Marvel be able to tussle with Disney and come out on top like Pixar? Time, unfortunately, will tell. I for one can’t wait for Marvel Team-Up: Wolverine and Goofy :).

  6. Will Curwin says:

    Worst idea ever!!!!! (and I stole that from comic book guy).