Professor Jenkins Suggests…

Henry Jenkins is a long-time friend of the comics medium (and many other historically marginalized art forms). Recently he tapped up a list of graphic novel recommendations along the lines of DC’s recent “After Watchmen” campaign, except in this case, it was an “After Zot!” list for a friend who had enjoyed the recent collection. On the assumption that a few of you might benefit from the same list, you can read the full entry here.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. larrymarder says:


    No Scott Pilgrim?
    No Bone?
    No RASL?
    No Flight?
    No Amulet?
    (you had to know that was coming! Heh.)

    Well, okay, the list was based on Henry Jenkins’ assumptions about what elements he believed his friend found absorbing in ZOT! and where those processes-of-interest might comfortably lead to– which is interesting in and of itself.

    The list actually tells you more about what Henry Jenkins’ thinks about his off-camera’s friends’ tastes than his own taste. So it is ever that much more interesting BUT it also probably means that different friends would get different lists. Well, it would if I were compiling that sort of list anyway.

    Oh and BTW, Scott-o…I take back what I said about REINVENTING Etiquette. I see I jumped the gun and it turned out it was just an episode of Scott McCloud’s UNSERSTANDING Etiquette.

    • Scott says:

      What’s cool is that there even ARE that many comics to make a list from. Imagine trying to do that in 1985. But yeah, those titles would have fit in well.

      I’m thinking more Rebelling Against Etiquette btw. I’ll be damned if we really need two forks. Are we incapable of wiping it with napkin/tongue between courses? No, I say. No!