Gotta Love that Music

Recorded in Barcelona in May.

Note that I don’t always talk that way. When getting translated in real time overseas, I enunciate a bit more and avoid too many exotic terms. Still I guess it adds a bit to the wonky atmosphere.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Kurt Busiek says:

    You were 14 when you started reading comics, actually. Almost 15.

    I can pin this down because the first comic I bought when I started buying comics regularly was a late-1974 issue of DAREDEVIL, and the first comic you bought was WARLOCK #9, from mid-1975, so you started somewhere between the two.

    Minor secrets of the comics revealed!

    • Scott says:

      Meaning it took me very little time from that point to deciding I wanted to make comics as a career. Interesting.

      Good piece on Paul Levitz, btw. I’m tempted to offer one of my own anecdotes. We’ll see.

      • Kurt Busiek says:

        What I’m shocked by is that I bought my first comic, and only about six months later had noodged you into reading comics and liking them enough to buy your own. This means that I bought a near-complete run of X-Men (plus Daredevil and others), a few issues a week with my paperboy money, read them, got interested enough that I loaned them to you, where they sat around in your bookcase with Mekano atop the second stack until you read them, and they worked their four-color wiles on you, and then on top of that I dragged you in to Harvard Square and to the Picnic. All in a very short period of time — it felt like a long period of discovery to me, but apparently it happened pretty fast.

        And yes, please do write up something about Paul.

  2. Every time you spoke it was like I was being rescued from some sophisticated audio torture device. All kidding aside, that was a pretty cool interview.