Take Two—With Legos

Yesterday’s topic, cross-posted over at my Facebook page, prompted reader Håkan Storsaeter to remind us that Crumb isn’t the only one to take on Genesis in comics form in recent years.

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith, since 2001, has been chronicling the entire Old and New Testament using Lego blocks at The Brick Testament. Check it out for some funny and genuinely creative visualizations of countless Bible stories.

And if you know of other attempts to comics-cize the Bible that we can read online, let us know.

Discussion (14)¬

  1. I love the Brick Testament! And you jogged my memory a bit and I remembered APOCAMON!, a retelling of the Book of Revelation starring Pokemon-like characters: http://www.serializer.net/comics/apocamon.php

  2. mike says:

    ovi nedelcu is posting some beautiful depections of Genesis on his blog right now: http://ovinedelcu.blogspot.com (part of an entire illustrated bible undertaking)

  3. cat says:

    actually APOCAMON is here

  4. theSEM says:

    There’s the now-defunct “Holy Bibble” found here: http://holybibble.net/index.php It may or may not (I’m leaning towards not) start up again, but the archives I think are still worth a read.

  5. Michael says:

    wow…love it!! oh and as gar as comic book versions of the bible go… http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/good-and-evil/preview

  6. jasonturner says:

    There was that Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible (though that was more illustrations than comics)

    And Chester Brown’s Gospels.

  7. Humbly, I submit that two print comics I (co-)wrote have portions online both dealing with biblical interpretations:

  8. Michael says:

    OK, No Greater Joy Ministries has a project entitled Good and Evil which is a 322 page Bible comic book done by a former Marvel artist. But you can’t read it online, unfortunately.