I Love the Web

Well, here’s something that took a long time to make and was totally worth it.

As someone working on a three year graphic novel project, I find this sort of thing encouraging.

(via Ian Gilman)

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Wil says:

    Woah! Incredible!
    I love the laugh track.
    It makes it that much more disturbing.

  2. banamu says:

    Wow! That’s refreshing!
    This is great enthusiasm.
    To use a computer in my office that I’m supposed to sound.
    Only to see the screen, but it is amused.

  3. Will Curwin says:

    Reminds me of Bill Plymton.

  4. tater tot says:

    yeah that is really disturbing…… but also really AWESOME! how long did that take him to make? well, 99% perspiration i guess…

  5. WTF….that is just amazing. I can’t imagine the hard work the artist had to go through to create this work.