And Speaking of London…

Sadly, I won’t be in town long enough to see much of the ongoing Comica: The London International Comics Festival, but I should note that the London comics scene is really hopping this month and if you’re in the area, be sure to hop over to one of the cool events taking place between November 5-26.

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  1. David Lasky says:

    I’ve been following Sarah McIntyre’s LiveJournal for a while, (she’s the artist who drew the poster above) and it seems there is an awesome, min-blowing comics event in England about every other week! Frankly, I’m envious.

  2. Dave Morris says:

    Hey David – there’s quite a thriving indy scene for comics here in the UK, but on the downside most mainstream publishers are really not interested. So the envy cuts both ways 😉

  3. Hi Scott!

    Nice to meet with you, if only briefly as I had to rush of for my flight home. Hope your talk went well.

    Yes, London was really interesting and there is a surprisingly large amount of British comics artists who do not make them selves heard outside of the UK (surprising, as English really is THE international language). As always, you need to spend some time a the country to really start understanding what’s going on.


  4. Mallinz says:

    Scott!!!!You MUST see this!

    Alan Moore!Named by Barack Obama official biographer of his time in the White House!good god!

  5. Mallinz says:

    Eck.I appear to have been hoodwinked.i spoke too fast.