The Space Angel Question

Just to answer another frequently asked question: Yes, I am aware of Scott McCloud Space Angel, the primitive kids’ cartoon that ran for two years in the early ’60s, ending when I was only 4 years old. I distinctly remember thinking, “Hey! He has the same name as me!” (sort of — my legal name is spelled a bit differently) and “Wow this animation is terrible” but it’s been a long time, so who knows?

And yes, the great Alex Toth worked on the show, so the drawings aren’t bad, though the creepy mouths still look wrong, wrong, wrong (Space Angel used the same “Synchro-Vox” technique as on the equally terrible Clutch Cargo).

That these things are still out there on the Web, and might be forever, is both wonderful and terrifying. Click if you dare.

Discussion (14)¬

  1. BobH says:

    Oh, so your “real” name is the other spelling of McCloud. I always wondered about that since there are a few references in some DC text pages with that spelling, which I always assumed was to you since I knew you worked in the production department, and didn’t know if they just had an over-eager proofreader or what.

    • Will Curwin says:

      Why did you change your name? I know a lot comic artist and writers did that, but did you personally do it Scott?

      • Scott says:

        “McLeod” is pronounced “McCloud,” but far too few know that in America, so one reason is just that I figured it would save me time correcting people — and boy, did it!

        Just ask Kurt Busiek (pronounced “BYOO-sik”) how often people get his name wrong (I hear “BOO-zee-AK” a lot).

        Also in the pre-Internet days it gave me a slight scrim of anonymity, but that’s long gone (thank you, Wikipedia).

  2. Ionhelen says:

    Was on deviantART and I encountered a great exploration of webcomic ideas, Scott. And “somebody tell Scott McCloud” was said so you’re kinda obligated to look now, LOL. But seriously. I think you’ll dig it:

  3. Michael says:

    Is this even considered ‘animation’ since nothing moves except their really really creepy mouths?

    • Scott says:

      Heh-heh. Fortunately, I can let others debate that definition.

      • No Scott I’m sorry this clearly has more in common with comics than animation the burden of debate clearly rests on your shoulders.

        Also, talk about the least cost effective way to rob a bank! Wow!

        • Scott says:

          Ah-hah! But if I think it *isn’t* comics then I can claim it ain’t my department and go my merry way.

          We need a world council of niggling definitions to turn to at times like these.

  4. Michael M. Butler says:

    Look closer. Things slide past other things, too. And Crystal’s expression actually changed, on-camera! 🙂 Too bad they only had the budget for Toth to draw a bunch of stills, though. And yes, creepy creepy creepy.

  5. Matt Feazell says:

    Geez! They could have at least BLINKED once in a while.

  6. Digital Jedi says:

    Now I understand the reference. On The Incredibles DVD, Mr. Incredible and Frozone do the commentary on a supposed cartoon series that never aired when they were in their prime, and that Frozone never saw. The fictional series used just this type of animation, with which Frozone is decidedly displeased with. That and the addition of a villain they never actually faced, Frozone’s character being overly stereotyped and the inexplicable addition of a bunny. It’s pretty funny, even though I didn’t get the reference at the time.

  7. Will Curwin says:

    PS cheese cartoons are one of the reasons I wish I was a child of the 60’s. (Im a child of the 90’s, Boring!)