Taking a Holiday Break

I’m taking this week off from everything but drawing and doing Christmas-related stuff with the family. Look for more posts next week.

We celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, and Ivy’s B-Day all in December, so life can get pretty hectic around here this time of year, but for those of you feeling a bit low on holiday cheer for whatever reason, I offer the above wonderfully insane video from many years ago (thanks to our friend Tom) as the secret to all happiness in the universe.

So Happy Holidays and, well…


Discussion (8)¬

  1. tigertail777 says:

    Well I didn’t understand a bloody word, but the music is catchy, the choreography amazing, and the 60’s clips art designs/color palettes/costumes awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • Scott says:

      Part of the wonder of the thing is that the words don’t mean anything!

      It’s just an Italian’s version of what English sounds like to him. And I think he does a pretty good job of it. ^^

      Details here.

  2. tigertail777 says:

    Wow, that is even more incredible then. The article said it was made in the 70’s??? wow. It seems like something much more modern. A very cool share, thanks again.

  3. It’s like a linguistic Rorschach test. “What lyrics do you hear?”

  4. David Goldfarb says:

    It’s curious that the Wikipedia article says the video went viral in 2008; it’s only within the last week or so that it’s made the rounds in the blogs that I read.

    I noticed the lack of the sound “th”, which makes sense from an Italian-speaker.

  5. Giova says:

    Hello from Italy.
    It’s even more incredible that this was prime time television back than, watched by millions of people! Andriano Celentano is still enormously popular today, considered a genius by some and a bluff by others.
    He is actually a bit of both and much, much more…

  6. Jay Versluis says:

    Hi Scott,

    just stopped by to say “hello” and “you deserve that break” – I’m taking one too, and am super happy to see you’ve got a blog going. Last time I checked (about a year ago) this site was static – just when I discovered “Understanding” and “Re-inventing Comics”.

    Today “Making Comics” has arrived and I’m soaking it up like the other two. Great work once again, highly inspiring as always.

    Happy Holidays to you too, and a wonderful 2010 😉

  7. larrymarder says:

    Well, now we know what Jerry Lewis would have been doing if he was born Italian in an alternate reality and made “The Nutty Professor” during the MTV era.