London in May

Just a quick note to say I’ll be attending UX London May 19-21st since I know such corporate shindigs need a little extra planning (and extra coaxing of the boss in most cases).

Had a great time visiting Skype’s London office in November, but while there, I had a number of queries about when I’d be lecturing in the area, since that event was a company-only thingey. So, now you know.

UX London has a lot of great speakers on the bill this year, not just me. Hope to see you there, both from the stage and as a fellow audience member.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. I read your book Making Comics (awesome, essessial to anyone who wants create comics) and a I was curious how is your “Eisner Brush”.

    You could take some photos of your brush to I better understand?

    Thank you and good year!

    • Scott says:

      Sadly, I haven’t used a real brush in many years. It’s all digital now!

      Basically though, if you had, say a Windsor Newton sable brush, the idea is to take a narrow piece of paper tape or drafting tape (maybe 1/4 inch) and wind it around the metal casing that holds the bristles, overlapping the bristles just a little bit at their base.

      Eisner said (and he was right!) that it kept the bristles from flaring out over time.

      • ELEONORA says:

        Hi Scott,
        just saw that you will be attending the UX in London in May. Well, it was not a joke, telling you on Facebook to come to Germany.We really need you here! The University I am attending is the UDE (University of Duisburg-Essen) and we have a professor who is keen on Comics and established somewhat like a comic-research. He is my exminer, I am actually writing my
        thesis on “City of glass”. ‘Understanding comics’ is one of my favourite books and it helps me a lot! From London to Duisburg, ah, that’s only a stone’s throw away. So, if you would generally accept coming to our University and do a lecture I’ll check everything with Mr. Pointner. That’s his name 🙂 So, it would be grand!!!
        So long, have a NICE and SERENE day 2day ;-),

  2. Will Curwin says:

    Look for the drink making robot.

  3. michael says:


    I’ve got my own web comic here:


    contact me if you need more comic artist

  4. Dan says:

    Hopefully the exchange rate will come down before May! 🙂