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Back home from my visit to the University of Houston. Thanks to everybody who came out Tuesday for the lecture and to my gracious hosts. I especially enjoyed my stay at the slightly bizarre Hotel Zaza, with two great art museums right next door. I even found a painting of people curling which I had to call and tell Ivy about.

(Yes, my wife has been curling. In Southern California. How cool is that?!)

Some odds and ends:

Favorite Kate Beaton panel yet.

Mobile comics outfits have been moving into the iPad space (thanks to Zach in the last post’s comments). I’d be curious to know how many will be rolling out content in time for March. At the very least, retrofitting printed comics for the iPad will involve less violent “repurposing,” but ultimately I’d be more interested in comics designed specifically for the new device and its inevitable imitators. Douglas Wolk offers some thoughts here too.

Without the load times, this interface is actually kind of cool.

In other news: Heh. I’m such a nerd. That totally worked for me.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve already seen some distributors who’re geared exclusively towards Apple’s platform. It’s getting just as bad as Flash was. “Do you read [this or that comic]?” “No, I don’t have Flash.” “Oh, this one’s not on Flash. It’s on iTunes.” “I don’t have that either.”

  2. Mathew New says:

    I’m partial to the Hungry Hungry Hippos one. I felt it was important that you know this.