Turin, Rome, and Happy 17th, Sky

Back from Italy with a few photos, lots of great memories, and a 17 year-old daughter whose birthday lasted for 36 hours courtesy of a really long plane ride.

Thanks to my Italian publisher Vittorio Pavesio for a great visit, as well as the lovely Gina, and all the great folks at the Pavesio Comics booth. Shout-outs also to Fulvio, Maurizio, Gianfranco, Barbara, Ryo, Massimo, all our fellow guests, and the great teachers and students at Rome’s International School of Comics, including director Dino Caterini and our Rome translator Matteo.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Fabrizio says:

    Thanks for the visit, Scott, for your kindness and the awesome reading!

  2. Zack says:

    Scary passage of time moment for me — I met you and your family 10 years ago at ComicCon (I think it was 2000, anyway; Patrick Farley was there too, if that helps) and so of course your daughters are older now, but I still remember them as 7 and 4…

  3. Gary says:

    Almost looks like the “Sky doesn’t smile in pictures” rule doesn’t apply in Italy. =)

  4. gud says:

    Thank you for the meeting at the school in Rome. I was really proud to interview you. Have a good day!